For all my glasses wearing peeps.

7 worst things about wearing glasses, by BuzzFeed.

I would add diving and snorkeling (my latest issues), jetskiis, surfing, swimming, Sailing (losing those $1200 pair of glasses just isn’t fun, my frames are cheap, my lenses cost a ton)

In the south and summer going from every indoor A/C cold place to walking outdoor in the muggy heat (they fog up).


Yoga, running , working out, horseback riding.

Removing them before pulling a shirt over your head with a tight neck….or rather…forgetting to remove them. When your b/f dares to move them from whereever you laid them down to sleep. Constant smudges….ohhhh…kissing…the damn nose smudges. I have transition so no need for sunglasses. When the first scratch appears….your heart breaks a little.  Hair getting stuck in them. Everytime you drop them an angel loses it’s wings.

Cooking anything with oils (you have no idea how much grease really comes up into the air,it’s not the splatter, until you wear glasses.) Laying on your side to read/watch movies is a no-can-do. When you get caught in the rain.

Shaving…especally the lady places. (You can’t really do this in the shower and without glasses and thus becomes an even bigger ordeal that it already is.) Having to totally ruin a sexy moment so you can carefully take them off and place them in a safe…not to be crushed and easy to find afterward location. Be ready to kill when you didn’t do that to be all so spontaneous and the bastard rolls over onto them and crushes them. Way-to-kill-a-moment.

Dogs licking your face. Bugs…seriously in the deep south bugs on glasses happen like bugs on a windshield.

And my worst most hated moment…others deal with tan lines from swimwear…I have the super sexy line across my nose….like a wedding ring tan line…but on your face.

I would like to also add that every guys pickup line is asking if I am a librarian.

And holding babies with their grabby little hands.




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