She Shed’s. Skills. She’s got skills, and she knows how to use them.


An interesting article from 1 Million Women about she sheds and empowerng women. Read and check it out and then following is my own opinion on the subject of skills.

I like the idea.
However, I do happen to know more women who use power tools and weld daily than men, as well as know how to.
I even know more women than men who even own a power tool.
I think men are pretty soft…more than a few I know wouldn’t even know how to operate a weed eater. But at the same time they don’t know how to balance a checkbook, either. Or build a budget. Or cook a proper meal that doesn’t come from a box. So in the shift of less sweat I haven’t totally seen a filling of other, maybe more domestic even, skills.

But I don’t mean to be sexist. I actually see much the same in woman, too. Power tools or not.

It is not about sexism, but about today’s pampered society.
Overall today, people in general, men, women, and even children, lack simple and basic skills. Make a list…what are your skills?
Make another list, what are kills you would like to have?
Make another, what are skills that are basic that you don’t hold?
Now, go and learn something new. Once you have learned it…pass the knowledge by teaching someone else.

In saying all that what I think would be cool is more courses to learn these things…like the painted clay shops opening around the country, lets see some woodwork and craftsman shops. Sure, a few fingers might be lost and the insurance might cost more, but a skill learned is a good story told.

I remember my first house flip where I sanded (about 14 layers, hinges even painted), painted, re-carpeted, tiled and cut tile, and more, I felt invincible.

If America needs to be ‘great again’ I take that to mean knowing how to do thing. Make things, Create things. Do ourselves. Step up like the women in WWII who did everything from save metals, make victory gardens and build airplanes. Learn to feed large families on few cents like during the great depression. Build a furniture piece that remains a family heirloom? Even sewing, knitting as well as woodwork and more. Heck in this day and age if we lost the internet we wouldn’t even know how to make bread. Even knowing how to make music and entertain around a campfire is an essential skill of friendship, fellowship, and community. Skills don’t mean sweat and power tools alone. Skills are vast and everybody coming together with their skill to help another and combined or bartered with anothers skill is what makes a better society, a community.

As children we go back to school and we say something like “This summer I did…”

As adults let’s end our summer by saying “This summer I learned…”


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