Vacation over.


Back to work since Monday, this will also be a longer stretch of about two months rather than one. But that vacation needed to end. DMV and news and…it was a wearing out two weeks for sure. For some, these past two weeks are not over. Their families and lives forever changed. My own part in it is not over. My writing is my tool and more will come on that soon, as well as other actions to be put together or in process.

But as far as break time for J and I go and talking on the subject of vacation, all in all really it was still a good one. We relaxed when we could and enjoyed when we could and DMV has been conquered at least. Going back to work for the both of us didn’t end the annoyances of life, though no longer the DMV, travel quick trips for business, still it tied to travel and vehicle no less. I am beginning to fear the superstition of broken mirrors as I broke one just recently.

On his way back to work, only one hundred miles left to go (he drove over 400 miles), J’s car broke down. Sitting in traffic due to an accident ahead his CV joint busted loose and he lost full control of the car, only going five miles he managed to roll it off the road with no harm. Thankfully he did not have this happen when going full regular speed limit. After an almost $500 tow he was fine and made his destination (car to be dealt with later, and talks of a new one anyway as that car is like that old duct taped recliner men come with when they enter a relationship….if that car ‘accidentally’ blew up….yes, no harm to anyone, him not in it…I would be perfectly fine with that.

The man has more than one car and ability to buy something nice and new…and with A/C and still holds onto that thing like a nasty STD. It is not even one of his fun cars, cool cars, fast cars. Dear lord. What we go through with these men.
Thankfully finally this summer hit him that the no A/C was a no-go anymore (after ten years of it in that piece of…’recliner’, he has decided it is time to move on. And not just to a fun racing project car either…I think he might be becoming a big boy. I am so proud.

Ok, I may be over exaggerating a little here on his lack of actual drivable not hunk of heap cars in the time we have dated, but dear lord….why does every man have a wardrobe that needs to be fully tossed and redone, a duct taped recliner or some piece of furniture we dread or a car that is a death trap and yet their love and joy? In J’s case the ‘furniture’ piece is a cow skin rug, it had included a bedroom set that he thought was amazing and I thought was tacky but that got taken care of…when a woman refuses to sleep on a tacky bed it gets a guy’s attention. And a back leather couch. I don’t care how much that thing cost and how great of brand new shape or how expensive it is. Black leather and mixed with sectional screams not my house, and we don’t have a man cave for it to hide in. Expensive doesn’t mean not tacky. We who date these men truly later wonder how we ever dated them to begin with…or how in the world they ever got laid, by us or by anybody else.

We went to watch a couple of movies, Independence day was terrible. The same great old actors for the most part who did their job, did it well and did what made their characters. The younger new crowd just….terrible. Did they not even take acting classes? Do they not teach emotion any more in them? Does Hollywood want young plastic people now? Oh wait……

Missed Will Smith, though. And I have decided that fighting aliens would be like fighting the big cockroaches that live in the palm tree’s and fly at you.

Last night I had a huge cockroach run at me and I hurriedly backed up with nowhere to go and fell over into the bathtub, dragging down the shower curtain and all. Then I was in a panic, fallen over, knees up over the side and freaking out about where that bastard went. Very totally movie-like and my scream was American Psycho worthy, I laugh now at how absolutely ridiculous I become at a cockroach. I don’t think I am spending another summer in this heat and the land of palm trees. I’m over it. Those who live in snow in winter dream of this stuff….go ahead…lets trade.
The other movie we caught in theater was Tarzan.
I really did think that even where there were parts of technical ‘bad acting’ that it was on purpose, done right for the time of move, the era, the fact of boy raised by monkey and all worked out for them and it was actually a pretty decent movie. Not great, not good, but entertaining and a great way to spend an overly hot summer southern afternoon.
I am all about Margot Robbie. I must admit she does have a grace about her but also a down to earth feel through the screen. She comes with Kate Moss Super Model beauty of the 90’s and yet is in acting. The fashion model in me still admires the older models that today’s boring ones don’t bring to the table. Funny enough she reminds me because of this of even older movies of an Elizabeth Taylor time…a little bit of old Hollywood glory feel. Maybe it’s just bringing the thicker eyebrows back. But then again some of my favorite actresses are not the most…’elegant’ in Amy Poehler and Tina Fey (btw, Sisters is a must see and Bossy Pants & Yes Please are must reads) maybe I am just enjoying a rare opposite side and a nostalgia of the 90’s fashion.

I read somewhere briefly, though I didn’t finish, about Margot Robbie being called ‘past childbearing age’. I don’t know if that was meant as a joke but it then came up again in conversation so I looked up her age and the feminist in me got riled up…past childbearing age at like 25? Hell, she could still be virgin age, unmarried age, college age, Still has a few boyfriends to go through to break her heart age, and still figuring out her life age, the club dance age, and making every mistake everybody aged twenty-five and younger is supposed to make age. Much less the fact that she is building her career at this age. But then, before my riled feminist feathers could get anywhere with the idea of it, another fantastic actress did it best. Jennifer Aniston and her Essay about not being pregnant and being fed up with the idea of women as the objects that Hollywood, tabloids, society make us out to be. As a woman of thirty-four who constantly deals with friends telling me to have kids, stay married (two divorces did that one) and having had a young woman come up to me on the beach trying to give me tips on how do rid my thighs of cellulite, I get her.

The funny thing is here is that as much as Robbie is ‘past child bearing age’ a woman twice her age is being hounded by the very exact same people who are saying so about being childbearing.

But lets talk about the scene where Tarzan in all his naked glory meets Jane for the first time. Standing there exposed, those….ab’s….and all. All I could imagine is that any man in real life isn’t that sexy even WITH that body. That reality is suddenly “naked penis dance” or “helicopter” would surely happen. Such is real life. Perhaps this is why a therapist once told me I had an un-romantic view on life. I am a bit analytical, a bit skeptical, and a bit overly-logical (as said the therapist.)

Perhaps this is why Ryan Reynolds does it for me so…all the pretty with all the natural comedy up front. No trying to be smooth to begin with.

I did get J to also watch, at home, The Holiday. Another cute and comforting favorite of mine. He of course expected very different with the casting of Jack Black, laughed at my drooling of an example of what a smooth man is in Jude Law (though I am pro-Aniston essay I am also of the fact that what pleases the eye pleases the eye and have not yet, myself, found balance at all times, however my own attractions will actually show otherwise on screen and in person, of course as a woman it goes beyond the outer package, JL is romance we women crave, real flirting with smoothness we don’t get, suave, RR is the comedy wrapped in a bow. I don’t claim to be perfect…most of the time. But we also don’t shame a man every time he eats a cheeseburger, either.) My favorite character of course was Arthur, Played by Eli Wallach. Have to say, Winslet is cute in this one but not my favorite of hers and far from my favorite of Diaz, though usually I like her quirkiness, it wasn’t….anyway…back to the fact that I got J to watch some sappy chick flicks this vacation. And he admitted to even liking them…a little.
At one point of the trip and ‘vacation’, we picked up some of J’s stuff from his old house since his ex-roommate was moving from there now. I found a super cool leather swiss army ammo case made in 1966 and it is now a purse….not an ammo case. Girlfriend privileges to confiscate such things and turn them into other such things.

Now it is back to work and hard at it. I somehow opened tab after tab in reading or browsing online but never filed certain things and now have had to trundle through what to exit from and what to save. A week or so worth of that in my life even when on vacation adds up to insane amounts. I nearly wish for my laptop to crash and just take the decision from me altogether…..and now I knock on wood of such things.

So back to work it is and J gone for a long stretch this trip. The first full day he was gone and before I started back into my work, I did girl out and make brownies and watch old movies like The Pink Panther, and experimented with my first at home avocado hair and face mask (I had some go too ripe too fast).

And I relished in leaving the bathroom door open.


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