Girl time-interrupted.


I got an unexpected J in-town weekend! He had a class and was originally due to go straight to work after but now had the weekend in between and rather than stay in some little country town…or nearby New Orleans, he headed all the long drive home to be with me for a weekend. I must admit, I was in my work mode, and in my girl mode, and in my totally got hooked on Jane The Virgin on Netflix mode, but the weekend of him back after a week gone was a great surprise and super nice after all.

Making a travel-work relationship work (not the same as long-distance but close) there are moments to relish when you can. They don’t come often. So rather than work through the weekend, I of course, did not work at all. No complaints.

Monday though and back at it even though he is still here a day or two…learning to work with him there is an entire different story…especially when every other minute he might shout out “Ok this is the next car I am going to buy, come check it out!” From his laptop…of which I refuse to walk over as he can bring to me…or of when I am head bent over my own work he gets ‘The Look.’

It’s like training a puppy. Of course with the five and a half years younger than me that he is, that analogy is not far off. I have, btw, heard the ‘this is the next car’ line about twenty different car choices already so I am over whatever the heck he chooses until it drives up with him in it. Oy. Men.



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