Boyscouts don’t have anything on us when being prepared.

Like our purses, you need something, we’ve got something. We women are always prepared. In travel we bring twenty pairs of shoes because we might need twenty paairs of shoes. Our freezers are no different.
J has decided that my freezer is my version of a Mary Poppins Carpet Bag.
He is off for a couple of weeks sort of unexpected (we thought he would go straight to work after the school but has to wait to get back onto his own regular shift, all thrown off)
We haven’t even been to a grocery yet since he’s been back this weekend and I keep pulling new meals from the fridge each breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Breakfasts have been or are planned as (I just got teased for the planning) anything from entire bagel setups to eggs/potato/bacon/bean breakfasts and more.Not to mention the huge bowl of fruit for the day long picking.
Lunches have been from tuna salad filled avocados to egg salad on top of greens salads, home made soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, BBQ pork sliders, and more.
Dinners have been bahn mi sandwiches, hawaiian fried rice, katsudon, Brown sugar glazed pork loin/mashed golden pots/garlic roasted broccoli, home made macaroni and cheese and ribeye steaks, home made jambalaya, spaghetti with a good crusty bread and salad of course. Tuna and rice dishes with veggies like brussel sprouts, Stuffed bell peppers. The list goes on.
He keeps asking if we need to do a store run. So far no…but after today for some milk/fresh veggies/ we will. Otherwise that freezer still has a lot of odds and ends, soups, and pieces of meals if not entire meals in it. So I am getting teased. Funny part is when by myself I don’t eat half of that and am more of the quinoa and veggies type alone….of which I also have plenty of.
I have an always be prepared mentality when it comes to food. Broth? I have it. Cuttings for new broth to be made? Check. Anything to throw into an omolette? Gotcha. Rice bowls of all sorts? Can do. Soups? Always. Beans? Are you joking? Of course. What kind would you like? Fresh veggies prepared and cut up and then frozen in whatever way you need them? Have that, too. Meats even when barely eat them on my own? I could feed a southern family renunion BBQ right now.
We haven’t even hit on the dry cabinet stuff. Got that, too. Rices/dry beans/lentils/quinoa and a bunch of other stuff? And not a single canned item except peas and various canned fish, all of which I also have in the freezer.
Here are just a few items I’ve managed to ever put together.

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