This is what dating me is like.


woke up this morning, thinking that it was Saturday rather than Friday which meant coffee in bed and my book, J was still sleeping. When I am awake I am awake. The book I was reading got me into a total writing mode so I set up to write, moving to the couch in the living room with my coffee. A few pages and a few cups of coffee in I had to pee. Then I decided my bathroom needed cleaning, which meant a full hands and knees scrub. That led to laundry being started in the wash and the kitchen given a full wipe down which led to dusting which led to a deep sweeping and washing of the entire floor. J wakes up but by now I am settling back down with my cup of coffee and starting back to my writing where I had left off, writing with the same frenzy I’d just cleaned in. He gives me a sleepy look through squinty eyes and I say “Oh hi! Your awake!” He says “I was sleeping but someone kept making a bunch of noise and so yes, I am, unfortunately, awake.” (Mind you this is like eleven in the morning) But out of my mouth comes the response “I didn’t start until nearly ten and I was awake and got in a cleaning mood.” He says ” So I noticed” I say “Besides, I was up and that s all that matters, it’s late enough for you to wake up, too.” And I slap my hand over my mouth in realization of that moment that every woman has when her mother just came right out of it like a demon possessed voice in a horror movie. He laughs, thankfully, and comes and kisses me goodmorning. And this is a sign that obviously we are early enough in our relationship for him to find me still endearing. Poor guy. 




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