There is no one way.


To those mad about sites they read or friends pages getting political:

When a presidential election runs every four years, and when the second biggest in all of history is happening RIGHT NOW (AND the craziest EVER seen), and only  8 yrs after the first, I believe it is a right to get a little political. This is world events. This is news. This is history.

If you don’t like it, turn off your computer and go watch some Duck Dynasty. I am pretty sure these sites you read and friends you usually enjoy pics of puppy dogs on are good to take a break from whatever else they do 365 days a year for the other three years to talk about something that is not just small potatoes…but BIG news.

THIS is what will be in your childs history books. And we still made plenty of room for Pokemon. It isn’t about who you vote for or what party side you are on or who you love to hate or will vote for just to save the world from the other. This is history. We are living it. And it’s better even than some of what we’ve read about. So put down seeing it through the camera and really live in it. Good, right, bad, or wrong. You might not be happy about it in the outcome. But it is your life. History in the making. Awesome in a way that will change the world regardless of who ends up President out of the pick. Good or bad changes. Change is a coming! But change is happening RIGHT NOW.

You might not be pro-Hillary but in the not long ago past women were arrested for attempting to vote. It was against the law.  And now we might see a woman for President! Not in the long ago past the same went for African-Americans. They held no vote and it was against their ‘right’ even though we supposedly live by a constitution. And look at our current President!

We might get Trump and WWIII but dammit WWII made fucking history above all history! People are still talking about it! Making movies! There are museums for it! So regardless of it all WE are seeing that and living that and seeing the greatest changes of the world …crazy good or insanely bad as they may be.

So for 12 months in 2016 if people want to post about this and get a little political….let ’em be. Join on in. As much as this all seems a big joke, who we are laughing at might be our next President whether we like it or not! This is NOT reality TV people! This is REALITY of LIFE! It is what it is. Such is life.  Those who hate it showing up in their FB feeds are only those who are close minded and bury their head in the sand.

Take a day off…that’s fine, but you have the power to turn your computer off and get off of FB and take a break…no need to bash people or other websites for talking about something other than the Kardashians. They get the other three years, but who our congress is, who our judges are, who our VP’s are, what laws have changed, who our candidates are and who our President of the most powerful country in the world is, gets the spot light for this year. The good. The bad. The ugly of it all. And the history. This is an amazing, scary, and awesome time to be alive.


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