Friends 101.


Being friends 101.
A friend does not stop being a friend over differing opinions, ideas, or in the case of 2016, who you vote for. I did not choose to vote for Hillary until much more recently. I won’t stop being your friend for choosing Trump.
When we met I never asked you, pre-friendship, who your votes went to. And in the future I won’t ask newly met people “So…Clinton or Trump?” And the walk away or make a friendship based on which it was.

In the current world we also put ourselves out there to be ridiculed. If you do that, then grow the skin you need to have to deal with it.
I will give a good debate, angry even. I will yell and shout and hopefully have a good drink or coffee with you over it.
And you may do the same.
I won’t just stop being a friend because of it.
Debate. It’s a part of life. It’s a part of friendship. It’s even a part of Thanksgiving turkey with the family. I might say some really mean things. I will probably mean them. And you the same. We might seriously fear for our very own lives over the others vote. And we might find each other completely ignorant over the others opinions.

—–But aside from the point that one vote possibly having the ability to make or break our country being the bigger issue and a farther cast net than just our President being the much larger topic of what country we feel that we live in right now—-

We each have our own reason, heart, feeling, knowledge, and different view of the same information. (Such has been the Bible, Science, music, books, best movies, and more, forever. As example. Remember that some of your friends think Keanu Reeves is a good actor. Don’t hate them for it. Don’t stop being their friend for it.

Heck in music/art/movies/actors/books alone if you read about the creator often you hate/despise or disagree with them. If we went so far as all to cut all these things out we likely would lead very boring lives. I struggle with it myself. But I still love Susan Surandan in a movie even if I see her personally as a childish brat. And my own inner self does struggle with Woody Allen movies. Many didn’t jive with who/what Freddie Mercury was personally but still followed/loved/worshipped his music. Hell, even the Republican party loves it! Sometimes people aren’t going to like ME but like my writing (hopefully) and frankly, I don’t always care. I can’t please them all. And the world can’t all please me.

Either way we vote, our world will change. Is changing. Has changed. No vote in all of history has ever been a truly safe vote. The awesome part is, we live in a country where we GET to vote, our leaders are not chosen for us. Either way we go with that, it’s an awesome thing. It’s a freedom. I would not take that from you. I would hope you would not take it from me. But over a drink, coffee and all of friendship we might threaten that a lot, in jest, in seriousness, and in friendship. If you truly can not take it, then you don’t have the right or deserving power of calling yourself “Friend”, and that is a much more sad thing for you in such reasons, not for me, to not be able to remain friends.

*If you wish to tell people that if they are voting for the other party to delete themselves from your friendslist, if you delete those who say different than you, or stop being friends even in actual “real not-fb life”, then you don’t understand friendship, freedom, or America.

*If you can’t handle hearing both sides and then still either holding onto your own beliefs or maybe thinking “huh, didn’t see it that way”, which doesn’t mean you have to change your mind. You might not understand life, living, learning, growth in wisdom.
If you are one to only want to hear, read, learn about, dig into deeper, hang out with/around, surround yourself only in that which jives with your own ideas, beliefs, opinions…then you might be a westboro baptist. Or just really boring even. But most certainly you are one to bury your head in the sand. Not an explorer of life. You are closed minded. But it doesn’t mean we have to stop being friends (I just might think of you as a little ignorant by choice, is all.)

*When you are the white male (the only of my friends who I’ve upon this several times) who has chosen to crush my victory of being a woman closer to freedom with “read the facts” but you don’t have the facts correct. Then, well, as it has happened, you are the privileged white male. And that in itself in todays society IS a problem. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop being your friend. Though you might stop being mine. We women have worked for a long time to have to make our way to the top/be equal./have rights. I will have to do the same. We can still be friends as I have to crush you to do so. When you could have, because it is you who has that choice, long ago stood aside as a gentlemen and allowed me and my rights to walk past. This is not even your ignorance that has you shoot me down in my celebration of victories, but your fear. I won’t stop being friends with you out of fear. If that were the case then no woman and man would ever be friends. Much less married, love, relation of any kind.

But really people. The next three months…we will throw rocks at each others glass houses. We will yell. We will get really truly MAD. We might even for a moment hate. And certainly a few of us adults will stomp and throw a four year olds tantrum.
But when it comes down to it, we were friends before the elections of 2016 for whatever reasons. And maybe some friendships as all happens in adult life needs to be reevaluated. But in the world of social media, the world of adulthood, and the world of true friendship, we can still be friends who hold different ideas. And cast different votes. Even world leaders sometimes have to shake hands and smile with other world leaders whom they do not always in all of history get along with, but must be diplomatic with for the better good.

And if you can’t handle the friendship, then you probably weren’t being a friend to begin with. #BeingAGrowUp #Frendship #Politics2016


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