Pegs Kitchen


Food is an item that, like it or hate it, our life revolves around it. Entire economies revolve around growing it, creating it, cooking it, shopping for it, making pieces and items of it, cooking it, selling it.
Eating a meal together is a time when enemies and families can all come together and set aside differences for at least a moment.
Preparing the meal is a time, for me, of meditation. A non-hurried process that gives me as much as I give to it. I get what I give. It is an ease of hard work, so to speak. A time when you can put your mind to rest and task at the same moment together. When laziness will give you un-taste and lack of enjoyment but effort and care will create not only much for your palate but also for your enjoyment of time.
I’ve always enjoyed cooking from the time I was a little girl and wanted to help prepare our families meals. I was always an experimenter with ingredients and creations even as a child, a teenager, and now a woman. In my adult life I’ve never shied away from trying something new, allowing my tongue to learn it’s way around the world. My senses to be filled. And memories to be made with complete strangers friends over food.
I enjoy shopping for it, growing it when I can, learning about it, creating it, serving it to loved ones, and I very much enjoy eating it.

Making Spaghetti Bolognese, listening to music, and enjoying good aromas, then enjoying the good tastes of a non-hurried prepared meal while watching #Palio  #NoSlackingWhenCookingForOne #Afternoondelight #PegsKitchen #ColorfulKitchen #InTheKitchen


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