Vacation…relax and breath and find all the shady spots. It’s been a hot summer. Heated conversations to melting on the sidewalks.


I never did wrap up that vacation time. funny thing was that J was supposed to be gone for two months due to a school and then straight to work, but after school ended up wth some in between time so we got another surprise vacation moment. I worked through this one, though not as much as when he isn’t here. However, at least eight hours still. It was a different thing, seeing each other when ignoring each other. The way we live with our schedules we haven’t really done this before in over a years time of dating.

My previouse lemon of a vacation start did turned into some refreshing lemonade. Much thirst quenching and enjoyable on these summer days and has contnued on to this one.

J and I really need some relax time and had taken opportunity for it. But we have also explored along the way. With a beach walk and a find of a Spanish snowcone or ‘raspas’ stand where J also discovered ‘corn in a cup,’ or Elote En Vaso, his new favorite thing.

Don’t worry, we put on pants.

The next day began with sleeping in…Sunday, it’s a rule. Then Cuban music while making Salmon omelettes and sipping locally roasted coffee from one of our finds. Otherwise it’s a bit of a day of books and a big bowl of fruit. I think. Maybe. I say this now.

J and I have survived conversations of presidential canidates, gun laws, bathroom laws, veteran health benefits, cars…more cars…lots of cars…and relatonship talk (brought up by a friends own advice asking) food and who is correct or better at particular styles of cooking, the fact that I am always right. World news. The sit in. Brexit. Economy. Money/savngs/etc. Heath and salt, health and butter.

Don’t worry, J is still alive. I of course am.

He is back to work now and the real work stretch has been in action for about a week. In that  I’ve been distracted by the RNC and then the DNC. But what is a little moment for history taken away from my work on which I’ll catch up on?


Speaking of when life hands you lemons…..

#Vacation #AKindOfSingleLady #Rest #Relax #Life #Lemons #Work #Whenlifehandsyoulemons


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