Writers Inspiration. Fallen Angels Broken wings.


I have been asked often where I get my inspiration to write. Or it is a topic among writers every day when you submerge yourself in that pool. Either way, it’s a topic in this world, and I am sure in others.
For a writer there are even writing prompts and other sort of stuff out there to help one get past writers block. The thing is, I never have writers block.
Inspiration comes easily…the actual sit and get it down is the hard part. Always. But even when things don’t flood me in my sleep or as has happened, make me get up and leave movies theaters mid-film to go get it all out I somehow find it, happen upon it easily or it comes to me. The idea, not the work, that is. I am flooded with it, sometimes drown in it.
There are moments when I enjoy taking my camera out, and going for a simple walk. I will absorb everything, sight, sound, color, people, language, tone, accent, and from time to time I see “The Picture” to take. The image is a story, always, in my mind. Right away.
Even if my camera happens to not be in hand at that moment, the image is with me.

Since many of these images bring full stories in the works, or in the midst of submission and even publication, I can’t share some…but I can share plenty of other random places my mind wanders to. One image can bring many stories, and whispers, many songs in different tones. And like I said, sometimes that mind needs a little emptying, filled to the brim that it is. So little wanderings, rather than my writings…are always in the happening.

A lot for me comes from Angels. Funny when I don’t believe really in heaven. But Angels have many forms for me, always have. And somehow they are one image and story that have always found me.

Fallen Angels Broken Wings

The Angel fall. Angels wings shatter like stone.
Angel, now like me. Angel, known love. Angel, known cast away.
Fallen Angel, you hold such sorrow.
Angel Once mighty, now lay naked, weeping, and weak.
Angel once graceful, now you walk like I do.


  • Feel free to leave your words of how this image hit you, as a writng prompt, in the comments.

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