The Inspired Writer- And The White Moth.


(Photo by Peggy J. Davenport.)

White Moth.

She flutters attracted to the light, burned by those who shine bright. Falls to the ground, lifeless, lands without a sound.

White Moth, she is found, white wings spread over the blue painted ground, like a once living painting left to be found.

White Moth never sang, she never flew fast upon her white wings, she never knew better than to stay away from what attracted her. She fluttered in her life, through her life, once she hit the heat of light she sputtered.

White Moth follows me. In moments of thought, in moments of change, in moments when I carry question, I have always found her near.

Yet White Moth even in death seems to inspire, to make one wonder, in some cultures, fear. Painters paint, poets recite, and writers write, singers sing, lying there wings spread in death, the white moth somehow impacts more in loss of her slight life than in breath.

She does not have the grace, the beauty or the wingspan of a white butterfly, this makes her scarcely noticed in life, a little sad in death.

The rain comes down, pounding her thin white wings into the ground, little by little she is washed away as if never found.

In many cultures white moth is thought of as a negative presence in life and in death, she symbolizes souls at unrest, death to come, the fragility of the state you are in.
I wonder at her presence in belief of death when she is found at my front door.

With her fluttering wings or her stillness of her sleep of death she is followed by symbolisms, myths, and Shaman law.

Of the white moths presence when she flutters in your dreams, the dream readers believe she brings ill omens, bad luck, misfortune. She has plagued my thoughts and slipped into my dreams since I gazed at her when she lay at my feet.

She is a restless soul of the otherworlds.
I wonder if from another, a message is sent to me. And if so, have I listened?

Sometimes she is thought of a sign of purity and cleansing, even as she carries the names of white witch and ghost. Is there something to cleanse from my life? Is she a ghost of what has been, could be, or should?

For all of the negative, in Shaman law she carries an idea of more. Something deeper, not only plagued in the gray of shadow thought.

The white moth is gifted in the power of the whirlwind….this… Such life is.

With her highly sensitive senses she has an ease of movement in the darkness and shadow, this, too resonates with me.

She holds belief the metamorphosis of transformation. At a time of a string of dreams in the exact such, when she showed up at my door, when my life is making much, but then I wonder at her lack of breath instead of showing up in flight and life.

The Shaman have a thought that this slight white fluttering moth has the ability to confuse her enemies. This, too, just might be true.

With her heightened senses she views all from around clearly. As an analytical person I feel this, too.

They say the Moth People usually have psychic and healing abilities and must watch out not to pick up from others their problems and carry them in their own energy, causing confusion and irritability to occur. In this I think of the petals of my own rose of life which have fallen off.

The life cycle of the moth holds symbolism from the time of egg, being birth of an idea. I hold many, work on many, spend hours daily creating many.

White Moths found in the arts.

One of my favorite Artists , whom I met when she lived in the same building I did, the Gaveston Artist Lofts. I bought a few of her prints…eventually might be able to afford more.

Moths in writing.

Moths in song.


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