Adulting: Lets talk that money.


I am approaching thirty-five this year and my life has taken many changes over and over again. A decade and a half of twenty to mid-thirties makes a big difference on what people do, and how we live and how we spend our money…or even need to.
Two divorces, so of course with each many changes. Career and job changes as well as major location changes add up to what has gone on in my life, among more, to cause me to change my needs financially or sometimes just get by.

Now I am approaching an entire different part of my life and with that comes a financial side, too.

The factors of finance:
Approaching thirty-five.
Career change.
Location/living change.
How I spend my money change.
Health needs change.
Insurance needs change.
And what is important to me change.
My wants.

I am also still at a time of my life soon after having lost every single thing I owned so there has been a lot of building back the basics change, and though I am pretty good on that I have lived small (studio loft) and not needed much as well as of course didn’t go out and buy the exact things I always wanted or would have preferred furniture wise but have lived very comfortably in the past year even if small, which living small has always been a thing for me anyway so it has worked well and now off to new adventures in an RV I don’t have a house full of furniture to store (a big cost) or unload.

In my Better Me sector of life, finances are bound to enter. Where am I being irresponsible? Where do I need to make changes? And what am I missing in my big-girl status? Do I really need that insurance? What can I do to make my taxes less ding causing and what can I do to have less worries and perhaps more savings while still enjoying life altogether? What moves do I need to make as a writer and a traveler on the road?

I’ve done a the right things in my past and many of the wrong. I was able to get through a lot of the rebuild bad moments or get ahead by many of my investments but all being used up now and starting fresh slate but I don’t go into this completely unknowing or with regrets at all.

As the elderly seem closer in age and social security remains forever on the chopping block and I have to begin thinking ahead and I am past the age of ‘just winging it.’ I begin to understand why the day of my grandparents was get a job, sit at a desk, work there until retirement came in, save it all, invest in some, watch it grow and care about the stocks and buy the life insurance policies. That, however, is still not my way of life and I hold no regrets…but the planner in me does sit down to figure some things out and what works for my way of living now…and in my future. Because I am my biggest investment.

The adventures of adulting and finances & insurances begins with earnest. I am past the struggling and have to use every penny for the next meal/rent/etc and on to stepping on a firmer stone in life. No more rebuilding. Just building. I am no longer in the excuse of coming back from losing everything but onto my path of building from here on out for my life. I want a well rounded life, a protected but realistic life and financially thinking is a part of that.

And it all begins with a spread sheet, going over bank statements, a pile of my tax returns and a google search of “finances in your thirties.”

Lets see if I give this more than five minutes before I take a coffee break and go buy a new book.

First three finds of my google search. The biggest thing for me will be the no-kids thing…so therefor I will buy my boat =)

Pretty Simple/The Basics.
The Commandments.

A lot more in-depth, eye-opening at what things cost and children as well as taking care of your parents.


Holds more detail about stocks, Roths and a lot of things that involve the % symbol.
Time is about that money.


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