Morning Meditation.


May was Mental Heath Month and it’s something I feel strongly about and it is not over by the turn of a calendar page. Mental Health has moved me in my writing and my life. You can’t throw a stone and not find someone who suffers from something. And often it’s still such a hush hush thing. Family often try’s to “Take care of the situation” when a member comes up diagnosed or suffering from what is depression or more. Often angering and driving someone they love away, or closing them more into their own world. Friends often go behind a friends back to tell family something is wrong. Thinking they are helping. But breaking trust. Sometimes suffering happens during grievance of a situation. Death, Divorce…taxes. Sometimes we are the loved ones of someone going through something we don’t understand, and don’t know how to help or even just how to be there as a friend or loved one. Sometimes something is happening inside of us that we don’t understand. It can slam into us for or creep up slowly over time. It can have a reason we might be able to pinpoint or no reason at all. Our brains are the most fascinating thing out there….like space. There is so much to explore, and so much unknown.


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