Lit Talk Monday-Blog To Book.


Jenny Lawson
The Bloggess
2 books out now. Plus an adult coloring book.
Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.
Furiously Happy.

I have so far read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened after having been reading on her blog from time to time for about a year. The book was even better! I loved it, I laughed and I heard it make many other people laugh. Really good read, real life material and puts mental illness issues in the front line without being at all depressing or self help. High on the humor!
Maria Elena Sandovici
Have Water Colors Will Travel
Two books now plus her water color art.
Dogs With Bagels
Stray Lonely Beaches

I have loved her blog and her water color art but I finally read Dogs With Bagels…and then I read it again. It was THAT good!
It’s more than chicklit by far but an easy read however fun with real life like situations that still hold enough magic and comes full circle in the story.
As much as I loved the first, and have even bought copies as gifts, I will soon read the second.

Julie Powell
Julia & Julia (Blog to Book to Movie)
A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession.

I have read the blog, the book, and watched the movie and LOVED them all.
It inspires me to try the same….however I haven’t. I’ve not read her second book but having just found out about it, now plan to.



I am sure there are more but I am not sure which came first out of all I have read…the Blog or the Book?

If you’re been a blogger who published a book…share!
Others to check out:

The Guardian on Blogger to Book.

Mashable- Blogs To Books.

Top 20 Bloggers


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