Pegs Kitchen. The Fruits of Summer.


Summer time and fruit just go hand in hand. All of a sudden the cravings of hot soups and chilli’s turn toward crisp salads and thirst quenching fruits.

The time of year also brings back memories of my Uncle who brought flats of home grown strawberrys the size of my fist to family gatherings and that first sweet taste of a strawberry each year.

My parents were not garden people and though I tried a few summers to turn a patch of dusty dirt into something that would grow as a kid I was usually over the projects before I had cleared the grass. The year I learned that manure was good for the soil was an interesting one of gathering manure from my horses and spreading it through the yard.

As an adult I moved or have been busy or the excuse of renting and my feeble too few attempts of home growth have never taken off. I still have dreams but my pinterest garden is far more cultivated than my realistic one.

Regardless it is the season of large melons, new colors that delight the eye and tastes fresh once again to the palate.



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