WIP: Release 1. Behind The White Gate. A Novel. Where does it come from?


The inspiration of anything I write comes from different sources. Sometimes it’s an item that simply catches my eye and intrigue’s me. Sometimes it’s something that grows on me and forms like a grain of sand into a pearl. Sometimes I work very hard to find it. Behind The White Gate was a story that formed from a mixture of things. Life changes and happenings. My relationship with female friends in my life. My relationship with my mother. My relationship with my sisters. Being able to admit that I had been in an abusive marriage, only years after it had ended. Being surrounded by mental illness and awaking to much understanding of it, findng it in different places in my life, different people connected to me in different ways. Finding my way and my choices as a woman in a different chapter of her life, mistakes and all of time lived. Misunderstanding. This novel is fiction but there is much real emotion put into it. Every day I walked past a white gate and wondered of the history behind it. Not the architecture, but the conversations, laughter, tears and family secrets that the gate, and those gates in our own lives, held firmly behind it a hundred years worth gathered.


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