Art Talks: Art in Travels.


In  my travels one of the biggest things I will go after is seeing, absorbing and experiencing art communities. I am sure I will end up with a collection, too. Which on an RV we’ve already been making plans for (along with books, antiques and furniture and Joe says cars as well) So in my planning I am looking at the great world of google and plugging in art communities as well as those I have followed through my enjoyment of their works that I have come across over the years in various forms. Through word of mouth, instagram, blogs and more.
Of course the museums are there but what about the small local artist? For the outside traveler?

100 Best Small Art Towns

10 Art Colonies

The other Hollywood.

Of course Galveston goes on my map for any traveler looking for artistic towns.

BecauseThe Smithsonian says so.

And though I’d like to see more literary in the living in my travels, here are some of the dead, but as books do, always living. Kinda ike Zombies.

Can you put your name, your art, and your town/community on the list of places to travel and things to see and people to meet along my travels?


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