Island Living.


I am off to new travels after six years on Galveston Island. They say once you come you don’t leave and once you leave you come back. I have a feeling that I will very much be back, maybe set my roots underneath the oaks here. Southern Oak Tree’s on an island…

But for now I am reminiscing about my time on the island, and realizing that I have such a love for it that I want to share my view of the island. My time on the island. Some of my life.

When you visit there and when you live there, it is always different. I found this out for myself. Not only that but when you live there and pass by the same site every single day…one day something new about it pops out at you, as if it hadn’t been there before at all. And you’d swear it hadn’t been, even if it is a century old Victorian house.

This island always surprises you. It can hate you, love you, scream at you, Care for you, hurt you, Feed you, break your heart, heal you, and even throw a vase at your head, but it will never leave you.

Most of all, this island told me many of it’s stories. And through my words and sometimes my view, I now share them with you.



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