Better Me. Caring for the body.


As a writer who works from home (or, of course, coffeeshop), I get insanely restless. Prior to this I had a years of experience in high fast paced jobs and always working with a lot of people. Now, I am by myself. Often my work will get me out and about to events or even time to meet someone over coffee, but often it is endless hours sitting (or standing) in my work by myself. One of the things J says about me when he met me was that I was too busy all the time. I still am, but I have learned to take time and care for myself. I have been all about indulging in myself. With sitting or standing at a laptop all day, I have to take time and take care of Me. I  have to take care of my body. I enjoy spending a lot of time in my kitchen, enjoying both the learning process, the cooking, the time to put on a little music and …well, being A Kind Of Single Lady. Oversized mans dress shirt and all. And I take time to run, time on the beach, people watching, lost in my own thoughts and most surely absorbing the beautiful colors. As I age and put my body through different kinds of things in life, I am also more about slowing down…and taking care of myself with my body in mind, and giving it patience. I am far from experienced, even after two decades of on and off yoga, but it is a little bit of bliss in my every day. #AKindOfSingleLady #WhatALadyDoes #Learningtobe34


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