Lit Talk Mondays. The Rebound.


Now here is a new Kickstarter program that I came across that hit me good and hard, right in all the feels; Recovering The Classics . Because it promotes reading older books as well as promotes reading altogether. It gives artists jobs and creates new arts. It combines books and art and one place that I love and have a passion for (as far as enjoying, not as creating) in book cover art. I first read about this in Poets&Writers Magazine , and since, of course, have looked for it all over online to see what they are up to, all about, and to check in on their progression. I may have basically internet stalked the absolute hell out of them. I do hope in my travels to catch one of their live events promoting the project.

I can not wait to see all of the new cover art and really hope to catch a full on show of comparison of the new and the old. If this is not yet a thing, I would love to step up and make it a thing and curate this show. But regardless, this need to be a thing.

Not only is this a literary bounce in the right direction of pulling young readers attention, as well as us oldies alike, to newly read and be interested in the classics but to also Re-Read and do a lot more TBT in the literary sector. But it also ties in art altogether which of course, if you know me then you know I am a fan of. Going even further? You just (hopefully) paid for an Artist to eat, a writer to (maybe) receive royalties of new sales and tempted a child or an adult to read so….in any case, you can not go wrong.

I myself look to help contribute in whatever way I can to this project, starting by spreading the word. Look for more on this in the future. The joke in my home now is that this gives me reason to add more books, a collection of the old version and next to it a collection of the new. Because book addiction just found a reason to grow.


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