Morning Medidation


#MorningMeditation A friend sent me a link to a personality article recently. Ever since she and I had met she has basically spoken of and (tried) pinpointing my personality. She is not the only one.

Weirdly this seems to be drawn out in people around me. Even in clothing and fashion.

I once had a roommate, Victor (Victoria), who looked me up and down one day when I walked into our living room and said “I’ll think I have you pegged for one style and then you walk out in an entirely different style, and it all fits you like a glove. The change of style I mean, not just the clothing.”

I myself write about relationships quite often, which combined with being a woman, often has me pondering my choices of mate. For me they are so vastly different from one to the next. I’ve always enjoyed the change and their vast differences more than not. Truly I think much is influenced by my age and understanding, my acknowledgement of an item, thing, or situation, and how I feel about it AT THAT MOMENT rather than a previous ignorance of it. It’s not even about a change of mind. It’s about where I am in my life just then at times. And sometimes it’s about whatever the hell I feel like.

My personality has always had it’s base but it’s grown rather than changed. Being an oldest of eight with a heavy responsibility on my young shoulders and parents who were…well, my parents. And being a book reading horse-riding kind of kid. To being one who set out on foot early and into a big city like NYC straight from the country, without a clue at all of what the hell I was doing or where I was going in life even after years and years of dreaming about it and naturally (for me) planning it.

POOF. Out the window those plans all went….not fitting, I’d realized….some out of previous ignorance of the world. Some out of just acknowledging it. Then as a human…the idea, the suddenness of womanhood…men, love, the big world ahead of me….it all changes a person….facing love, new friends from a places, influences each of them, death, heartbreak, childbirth, the loss of a child, divorce….how can it not?

With a persons change they may have a base of a personality but for much they may fully change. I was told once that I was incredibly resilient. Had an unromantic view of the world. I was overly-logical. This was by someone’s who’s life work was meant to dive into peoples heads. I asked if that was good, bad, or wrong and it was stated that I adjusted. In India there was an entire subject on the words Adjust or Adapt and I was told that the meaning could have been built around my own personality exactly. I still looked at her until she said “It is good. It has been needed.”

Even some of that, though not all, thankfully, has changed. And years later, speaking to the same I was told “It is good. It was needed.” Age has brought me a softening. I don’t hold grudges and that allows a softness in a lot of the walk I have taken in life. I’d be Wolverine by now if not. I joked to this of a life long friend and stone cold he said “Worse.”

Some people would have begun softer and grown harder…me…well, life had me start hard and left me only with room to grow soft. I acknowledged who I wanted to be rather than who I was because life tried to make me that way or how I could become. I am fascinated with the human mind and personality with it. But don’t ever let yourself be trapped by it. Adjust. Adapt. Grow. Change. Be who you wish to be rather than who or what life makes you to be.

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