Pegs Kitchen & Picnic Sandwiches.


Picnic season had me looking up pinterest…then getting hangry…then looking up more Pinterest while eating, making an entire new board for picnic food ideas. I am sure this was while I was really supposed to be working on something else.

Now I will say that a few things have been decided through this summer. For this topic of picnic foods, if you plan to hike, etc in this super heat of summer then bread-y things are NOT as good out there as the idea while making them them in the a/c of your home is. So two different types of picnics can be planned. One of which you leave your nice cooled air conditioned home to your nice air conditioned car and then a blanket under a shady tree with basically a nap or a book afterwards plan. Or the cool weather picnics of any season other than summer plan, so three types because the third type is a picnic of non-bread-y ideas, cheeses, nuts, fruits and meats kind of thing.

But in my experimenting I had found this one yummy sandwich idea that coincided with Joe’s mentions of loving the meats involved and I thought I would make a yummy Joe’s Meat lovers picnic sandwich.

We did not end up taking this into the heat of southern Summer but rather ate it in the comfort of our home while watching movies of other people having summer picnics.

I personally am not the biggest fan of pesto. I love it but in very light amounts. Also I only enjoy it fresh but not having a food processor and being on the easy-breezy side I chose to try it out with a ready-made. My mistakes #1. So my change to this would be for sure lighter on the pesto or rather a red roasted pepper spread for my next try. I would also like to try a more flavorful and even firmer cheese as the recipe called for, not sure why I went this soft cheese direction and though it worked and was very good, next time I will try something else. This go around was done by this recipe (perhaps not by amount of however as a small amount of pesto was not about to cover this much bread) and it tasted incredible and Joe loved it with no changes at all. He even took some to the DMV for the nice lady he finally ended up dealing with (on his fifth visit and an entire other location.)

I do highly recommend this sandwich (recipe I used found here) for the picnic idea though, even in a warm summer picnic without the hike. And it would be a pretty good party sandwich as well. But it was fun to make. Super easy. It seemed pricey (the meats) but it gave us days of lunches (even Joe who eats a ton) and I learned that it freezes well (I tested one piece worth) plus it is really pretty. Also I am proud of a pinterest first being a Win!

What are some of your favorite picnic food?


Book stack coming in handy as a sandwich press =)


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