Sunday Book Talk: A Words Worth.


In the Writers world we submerge ourselves in reading to write. We read novels, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays…whatever it may be. Some only read some of the above and others, all. We read about how to write, often in trying to screw up the courage and motivation to sit down to actually write. Often partial ways within our writing we find ourselves at stopping points. We’ve become distracted, bored, our minds have wandered to the next story. We are blocked and spending more time staring at a wall then writing. The editing process….what to cut out, what to leave in. The dirty details of it all. The how to get published afterwards? The where to begin, what steps do you take? As easy at it seems, someone would have by now come through with a universal step by step, we all writers still ask this questions…again and again. And truly, for each writer and as times change, there isn’t exactly just one way to go about it. What worked for one, doesn’t seem to work for another in the exact same way.

I myself have been reading through every single thing that comes my way, though there are moments of passing on something occasionally, or closing the book finding a dead end, no capture. Or reading a few lines a day only just to get through for whatever tiny tidbit of wisdom I may find in it. To find what works for me, I must read it all to know what there is to be worked with. In the meantime I just write and I kind of figure all the rest out as I go, not cramping the creative part of things. But I am a believer in being a Living Student. Constantly learning, shaping, and having a toolbox handy for the work I do.

One of the items I am about to get through is a book I found in a neat Independent  Bookstore in Houston this past Spring.  The book is Words’ Worth , A handbook on writing & selling nonfiction.
Written by Terri Brooks and published by St. Martin’s Press, New York.

I’ve not even opened it yet so no telling you my thoughts or amazing secrets or AH HA moments yet found. If you’ve read the book, or any other by the author, please comment here about it.


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