The day after. Thanks Journalists and Media for ruining 9/11 in 2016.


Fact: I have passed out at LEAST 4 times in 12 years due to over heating and/or dehydration. I am healthy, active and at the moment not under the tremendous pressure and schedule and work load of a campaigning Presidential candidate. I passed out two days in a row due to my period a few periods ago. Yet I am healthy. I am not on and off a plane, speaking engagements, constant meetings, and talking and ‘entertaining.’ Hell, walking through a mall wears me out and I take a nap after every time I do. I have had walking pneumonia several times in my life and a horrible flu a few years ago and I understand the act of still going to work, trying and yet finally your knees just give out on you.
I also suffer from throat issues, most of us actually have a lot of scar tissue from singing or speaking a lot or doing so through strep throat (as I have) and so I get dry throats like crazy and when I do I choke like the mother fucking dickens and it will not stop for an hour straight sometimes. I sound like I am dying and my face gets super red and it’s ALWAYS at an embarrassing moment and of course when I need to speak and make a good impression. But I am healthy.

For those who are on the catheter bender. True or not. Fact:
Over 29 million Americans (early 10 % of our population) have diagnosed diabetes, with over 8 million Americans (over 27% of the population) being undiagnosed. (Another reason healthy lifestyles/sugars and diabetes has been such a big topic in America). Many of these wear catheter for their kidneys. It can and for many is a normal way of life. However, it does nothing to stop people from living and working and even having children in most cases.

For those on the H.C. wears a diaper situation. True or not. Fact:
1 in 3 adults and 80 % of them women have bladder control issues. It is the joy of age, the way our body treats us and we treat it and another amazing perk of being a woman at times (especially one who’s given birth.) I can go into some really fun details here about why an adult might wear a diaper, but an adult who is on and off planes, from plane to stage and again and likely not getting two minutes to herself in a day…well I am far from the days I worked in an office and drank a lot of tea and had a boss complain about the frequency of my bathroom breaks. But in understanding of then cutting back on the hydrating liquids because of it and then of course the consequences of dehydration….
Astronauts wear diapers.
Marathon runners piss and shit and keep running.
It has been suggested that legislatures wear a diaper before a long filibuster, such as Strom Thurmonds over 24 hour long speech.
Women who just gave birth wear diapers.
Adult diapers are a billion dollar business.

The health of being a President IS in question..and should be…but not to the point of over shadow.

Barack Obama
Came into office as a cigarette smoker, though young, each year more than 443,000 people die from this habit.
He also traveled a lot to exotic places where many known diseases can strike and cause problems later in life. Though our President’s all usually do a lot of traveling in the same fashion…each time we are risking the death of our country’s leader. We are risking their health.

There are entire Wikapedia pages dedicated on just the assassination threats of our American President’s.
We are always at risk of losing our nations leader, this is also why we should always consider the V.P. elect just as importantly (aside from the fact that it says a lot about our Presidential Candidate anyway), and the entire Congress and the Judges that run our country.

I share the same blood type as our President before, G.W. Bush. Which is rare, hard to have enough on hand at every hospital at all times. If he had been shot during his leadership there was a higher chance of him dying. There were health regards he had that had been omitted from his given health history as a President. (Him along with many others.) As a young man he did not pass physicals given. He also had admitted problems of alcohol abuse thus endangering later chances of health problems during his presidency. There was much about his possible drug usage.

(And frankly, as a person who doesn’t do drugs, I still don’t see a rich white man who was a young enough adult in the 80’s not touch drugs at east once. Especially with someone who’s taste for gold in their decor and outdated 80’s fashion is so instilled…no longer speaking of Bush here. And btw this brings up the god-awful decor changes of the White House should a certain someone win. Have you thought about that? Ugh. So much for the Jackie-O era. So much for class and sophistication. Shiny doesn’t mean not tacky. But I digress.)

And the list goes on with Presidential health past.

Yet this year this is one of the biggest topics, and more so on H.C.’s side than a just as unhealthy looking D.T. Age and as we know time in the white house ages you like a mother fucker…a no wrinkles solution is definitely not to enter the white house. And H.C. has been through it once and been through it hard at that. The medical records of both candidates has long been topic of speculation. Though only for Trump as he refuses to release, and for Clinton for everything under the sun.

And frankly, I don’t care. Neither or either could have many problems….there is no way in hell that a person that orange who eats constant fast food and is over weight has not any problems of concern or will possibly in the near future….and at his age. And there is no way that a woman of Hillary’s age might not have issues that may or may not be perfectly controllable but can also flare into issues during a 4 or even 8 year term. And hell for the Bernie love the man couldn’t even stand up for twenty minutes at a time without support of the podium. Our youngest and one of our healthiest of all Presidents was shot and killed.

But for both I will say, they have sustained and done hard work in many stages and board rooms up until now, and will both likely do far more for many years to come…in or out of the white house. I believe in a physical, yes. I believe in disclosure, yes. But I also seem to remember that we are a country who does not hire, fire, or rent or sale (by law) by health, sex, religion, race, or creed. You can not by law fire, refuse to hire me, for being diabetic, HIV positive, or pregnant. Or ugly or fat or unhealthy eating. Or even by discrimination of age. So this does not factor in my choosing a Presidential candidate. It DOES factor in my choosing of their choosing of a V.P. and Congress and Judges.

What I would rather focus on would be mental health.
LAPD undergo panels of psych evaluation as do Military.

But also their plan.
I am more concerned about:
Education (foundation before college)
Social Security and care for elderly and Veterans.
Attention on homelessness and hungry children.
Food and GMO’s and Earth care.
Health care in all factors
Dealing with what may come (ISIS, mother nature, and many other issues at hand)
Equality, rights, work force, shaping up and over hauling our police and prison systems.
And much more.

So seeing a day full of H.C. dehydration but ESPECIALLY on a day rather than what 9/11 is about. And seeing more coverage on such rather than her plan on the above issues, pisses me the fuck off. I am only alive another 15 years because I was severely sick. So let’s move the fuck on. And thank you to media and jerk-off journalists who obviously need that ‘Free Education’ we can waste our money on, for ruining the remembrance of 9/11.

I suggest that media, journalism, and even the entire Presidential teams get the fuck on board here.


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