Art Talks & My Questions.


(Picture of the ETC Theatre in Galveston, TX.)

I want to explore and identify arts in community, specifcally in answering When Art has changed community. What exactly is art’s stamp when it moved into your neigborhood? Did it move in, or did it exist first and create the communty around its existance? Has art truly made a community? Built up the community? Formed a community? Has it been a building block or foundaton itself?
I have begun looking at various locations and “artstic communities” to sort through much information and hopefully find the link that would lead me to these answers. In doing so my end outcome would be if Art really helps a community, does art actually build and create a community, does art help a community to thrive. Are artistic communities happier, fuller, than those who are not.

Though I will touch base on economy and education, I will only do so in briefly on this thread to keep the focus on one direction, and bring those two branches in at another time, giving them their due spotlight.


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