Car Free: Houston.


Texas Monthly Magazine has this humorous article in shows exactly what living car-free in Houston can be like.

I did it when I first moved back here. I lived on the outer skirts of Houston (think Clear Lake/Webster, past this there really is no connection to Houston going East) and had job hunting to do, so I spent most of my time on a bus and in the Down Town areas. I successfully and quite easily found my way around. Houston is intimidating even when you just spent six years in Los Angeles!

I looked for jobs in access but really had no problems (My first job was in fashion.)
It wasn’t until I changed jobs later to Sugar Land that a car was definitely needed for me.

I do remember after having been freshly in Burbank and other really great pubic transport areas, that Houston had no comparison and paled, but I also had the time to look for the job I wanted, could get to, practice routs, and explored all over the city every day for weeks.

The bus system really goes through some of the richest areas as well, like River Oaks and The Museum District and Down Town (their train is a joke and their bus system isn’t the best at all but very doable…..though not frequent enough or ever on time) getting to exactly some of the places I wanted to go.

More recently Joe and I would drive up from Galveston, park in an area and walk everywhere. We visited parks, zoo’s, museums, restaurants and cafe’s and checked out area architecture. In a lot of The Heights areas it seemed that you could live in walking distance of a grocery store.

Do you live car free and where?
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Ask the question and others wll answer.


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