Lit Talk Mondays: Book Tours.


This article inspired this blog post. I really felt it, having worked with many artists, singers, writers and more who do a lot of types of shows and entertain…but then the ‘still need you to BUY this’ just really hit on so much…that’s great that you love it…please buy it. Chip in a buck, ya know? So I can keep doing this, and produce more for you.

Because writing is a job. Many artists pay their bills on their work…or try to. And certainly more money goes into creating it than it goes into our bank accounts. Especially when you put a price on time. Time is money…so are supplies for each artist to make it happen.  We would never ask a surgeon to do their work for the ‘experience and exposure.’ And yes, many artists have just as much education behind them and school loans and debt without the steady income that will pay that back.

I also thought it was good to look further into book tours since I will have my own book(s) on shelves soon and since I have been researching all aspects of traditional publishing, self publishing, indie and big house, and what each entails, learning more on book economy and so forth, book tours added  in…and the insight I got was eye opening. Maybe it’s the ‘manager’ personality in me but I am not a fly in blind kind.

Any writers, publishers and others who would like to give some insight?

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