Pegs Kitchen. The Taste of Summer.


When the seasons change so do the taste buds. The tree’s grow their offerings and gardens get planted and fruit is the way to go. Trying to “shop seasonally” is much harder done than said since this day and age everything is accessible all year round in this country and prices are basically the same as well in large grocery stores, with some sales and exceptions. To even know what is “seasonal” anymore is not to judge by what is in the produce section of the local grocery store. But to know what is seasonal in your region, as the saying goes ‘ It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere’ so does the produce grow.
However the heat of the summer season has ones tastes buds craving a lighter crisp and cooler taste over the heavy cravings we want during our winter months. The thought of fruits, berries, colorful salads and plates of lemon peppered fish are more the way one might lean. Changing my dish, cooking ideas, and my shopping searches, farmers market visits and more are all a part of the seasonal and kitchen fun for me. Cooking for me as an activity, not a chore, and shopping for good ingredients, when I can, is the same. Even where I travel to at the moment plays a role (Florida being all about the Cuban foods and shopping at all of the places they show in the movie Chef.)
Another fun part about seasonal change and the foods that come with it are the different colors to enjoy.


I am always down for a good salad and when at home I especially enjoy making various salads full of all kinds of whatever I throw in. I enjoy making sure I have fats, proteins, omegas, anti-oxidants and other nutrition, though. It’s not all just about being pretty. But with being healthy is also being tasty.


One thing that is always a bit of an abundant difference in the grocery stores is perhaps the berries. It is also a delight. Now, I still prefer farmers market or home grown but ether way there is that special something that says “Summer Is Here!” when you first spot the berries at the grocery store…or the farmers market…or on the vine.



And the bottom line is the fact that I love my Colorful Kitchen, not just the decor and dishes, but also of the foods.


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