Car Free: Florida.


Heat & Cold This is an article from another who has done the car-free thing in all types of weather, where I have only done Southern California, Texas, Spring and Falls only in NYC, and Florida as well as other countries in full car-free life. The extreme heat and the extreme cold are both great challenges for the car free person.

Miami made it on the list here for best cities.

Though from this writers time growing up in Hollywood, Florida perhaps much as changed since this is where I am and there is a great “trolley on wheels” as well as bus system and though I am in the heart of Down Town and hundreds of great eateries, night life , art galleries, parks, Monday night food truck in the park and much more including parks and library, I am a less than two mile or a trolley ride away from the beach and a just few bocks from a grocery store. I have walked through a lot of the neighborhoods and O.M.G. I love these styes of architecture…but also everything seems very close, there is more sprawling area and passsings of particular highways that can become the areas of problem but I personally haven’t met with an issue yet. There is also a train system. The traffic here is INASANE and a four minute car drive can take forty so I much prefer the walking…plus really there are round abouts and cross walk weirdness and as a driver I am more afraid of an accident or running someone over. But as a walker I am fine (I do suggest sticking to cross walks here as a pedestrian and since some cross walks don’t have stop lights be VERY careful….but those cars have to and will and do stop in my experience.) But the link link here has a bit about this area as well as others they actually live car free in now and some really good information and taking points of car free living.

Retiring or heath reasons not to drive are another to hit on…there is the saving money part as well as, like my own mom and eventually myself, the lack of eyesight. But not the lack of get out there living and social life.

Tampa Finding a realtor who can help with your type of lifestyle is a really good moving move. Car Free in Orlando .

Other sites to check out. This really is a talked about and lived in real life topic:

Best Cities

No car – No problem.

Urban Car Free Projects.

Even Vacation can be Car Free.


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