I am 35.

Peggy J. Davenport REMIXT

(Photo by Elizabeth Punches)


October 7th

I am 35 today. Today I drank my coffee overlooking the water with the woods to my back underneath the observant stare of a bald eagle. I just made a big life change, one that was in my control. I am 35 today. I remember at age 25 being freaked out, I was not where in life I wanted to be, I had made changes that were large and which I was unsure of. I am 35 today. I am at peace with my path. I remember another decade back of only 15 and my life was unsure then, on the cusp of all large changes of which I would be in control of and make myself, or which would be out of my control but consequences to my own actions and for no others blame to any longer hold. I stood then on a very unsteady stone in the middle of a fast flowing river and did know it, and yet did not. I am 35 today. And I feel steady. I remember even farther still, a birthday of which cake was served and songs sang and family gathered. It seems someone else’s life I am looking at when looking at that now. I am 35 today and finally, my skin feels as if it fits me.


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