Book Talk: Reading like an Olympian.

2016, a Summer of Olympics, major game changers in the Olympics. A lot of firsts and many medals for American…and Female – Olympians. Bushiness publications such as Inc. magazine and other working articles are using the “Think like – Work Like – Train Like the Olympians to bring the How The Olympians do it, into the ring of business and daily life habits.

But Summer is also a time for Summer reading. And there are Summer Olympians who have written their own books. So of course with the 2016 summers and my constantly adding to my reading list….the combination was ‘bound’ to happen (see what I did there?)

I am planning to start with books of, by, and about, some Olympians in the equestrian field to begin, then add some from there. But I have to admit that I have not read any of these found.

However, one more bit of range and direction in my reading to write to add to my list. And reading the articles from business magazines and more to boot just boosts my “Olympic habits and lessons” reading.

Hmmm, Write like an Olympian…..

What are some you’ve read or even written?

GoodReads alone has over 70 books alone listed about Olympians written by or about for a quick go-to of where to start.

Popsugar PopSugar has a great article about books written by Female Olympians.

Writers can really put to use these Olympian habits isted in Entrepreneur  in their own work.
See also Athletes who wrote childrens books.

Bustle Bustle even prepared us for the 2016 Summer Olympics with a list of books to read in preperation.
And more in Habits lie an Olympian Article by Inc. Inc. Magazine.


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