Better Me. Rest.


#BetterMe Nourishing yourself also means rest. In the busy life we run anymore it’s often “shameful” to admit taking a nap…or you feel guilt. But once in awhile you have to stop. Enjoy a book in the garden in the sunshine, or a walk for no destination. Go get a massage and spend time in the spa relaxing.

Just for a day stop…don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t do anything. Even if five more minutes of dishes pile up in the sink for the next day or ok take the five minutes but the rest of the day is to enjoy, relax…whatever relaxing is to you. Finish that book you haven’t gotten around to. No errands. No chores. No To Do list, and nobody else. If kids are involved make it happen, with a partner, a family member, a friend, a sitter..whatever it takes.

Relax on a Sunday or a Tuesday…whatever day works best for you. But somewhere in there a person has to relax, enjoy and rest…rest is the key word. For the body mind and soul to be able to do as it needs. We can’t do it all. And we don’t have to. And really…..that “all” will often be there tomorrow and take us only an extra few minutes.

If you are serous about nourishing yourself and taking care of your health you will carve out a few minutes of rest or a day of rest often or even a few days of rest here and there. It’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity. It’s why the new generation seeks so hard to work in what they love…to find that bit of extra time their lives are missing. To nourish. Rest. #Life #Living #Rest


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