Morning Meditation.


#MorningMeditation I’ve been working at #mapping out the #AmericanStyle #RV #Travel #plan and lordy…there is so much to do! It is really hard to not try and do it all but there is also only so much time in the word! Now, we aren’t on a time restraint and we have all the time in the world, but we also have future plans of other types of #Traveling as well and have a sort of loose time schedule set on the #RoadTravel of #NorthAmerica part of our #Travels and then it’s on to the next great thing! But in the meantime I am following & gathering ideas from travel-instagrams, #blogs , #Magazines like #Garden&Gun for a lot of travel in the #South and so much more. There are friends and family along the way, hunts for particular treasures (J’s #Cabin #property, an amazing #industrial #loft to #restore and make a #home for us, #Bookstores , of course the best #Food stops and places we have always wanted to see. Any idea’s? Feel free to post your suggestions for me to add to my #Map !


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