NaNo Prep-Distraction


NaNo Prep Month and I am no longer distracted, as I was a little this summer, by Netflx or unlimited internet. Though I managed to write and work plenty this summer the heat kept me indoors much of it and the Netflix became too tempting. I’ve not had TV in my home for about a decade but when it is there…I had to put strict time limits and no TV during the day rules I followed at least. Working from home makes self discipline much harder…or that much easier to break the rules.

However I thought that quiet time spent in the woods in full solitude would beckon me only to write fully….yet the mornings are crisp and coffee in the quiet over looking the water, the evenings spent watching the deer and the sunset can steal much more time off a days cock than you realize. The walks in cooler weather call to me and the bird watching among other natural woodsy and water creatures are much more distracting than Netflix any day…and the forced quiet sometimes can become very loud. The movie Big Sur is a good one for an example A on this topic, however I embrace it much farther than that, I am not driven mad, nor do I wish at all to run away to the big city just yet.

I sound as if I write not at all….and this is not true, though I do wonder where the hours of the day do go and what chance I do get I am catching up on the ending weeks of our very political year. There are still plenty of distractions but there is still much writing happening. My office is on a bench and table over looking a view that enlightens the senses, I am reading over, one last time, my work of the past year. I am preparing for my next bigger project. And thus brings me to the month prior to  NaNoWriMo in which I now lead up to fully…not just think about it in turn of the calender page of the first. NaNo is not why I write but is a nice big bell of “You have run out of tiiiiimmmmeeee” said in some booming mystical land voice. A good deadline on my own works is at times not a bad idea.

In writing we read, we read on how to write when we are not fumbling on writing itself. We later submit and are told that everything we learned was wrong in many cases, but either way…you read to write. So when I am not taking care of my mind by enveloping my senses in nature, when I am not writing the words out thousands at a time…I am often found reading. If not a book, if not about reading, than website or a magazine on typically the subject.

A good magazine I picked up on the set of our insane Florida-Galveston back and forth adventure, turning our own page to the chapter we are setting foot into, I had a run to Barnes & Noble and chose a writers magazine, Writer’s Digest. Their  Writer’s WorkBook Issue  on the shelf, in which many very particular topics caught my eye. I had no time to open a single page until weeks later and finally sitting down in an evening, overlooking sunset and overseeing bald eagle, notebook and fountain pen in hand as well as highlighter for my notes, research and might find wisdom.

I was not to be disappointed as I first read;

“When you are a writer, you’re never quite like other people—you’re doing a job that other people don’t know you’re doing and you can’t talk about it, really, and you’re just always finding your way in the secret world and then you’re doing something else in the ‘normal’ world.” Alice Munro

And I read this again and again and again….someone GETS me.

I often come across funny little moments when you realize that only other writers really understand. But it is still again a shock as you’ve forgotten since the last, and in between answered too many ‘what do you write’ and ‘but what do you do for a real job’ questions.

Settling into my Pre-NaNo month, my new move, my new office location, embracing much long needed fulfilment of nature, tree’s, and green…lots of green after so much time in the midst of buildings…buildings and city, cars of steel and buildings of stone, I am ready to turn from the writings of the past year…but I have not done poorly this past twelve months. I am well hard worked sweat blood and tears in my past year proud of myself….but I am ready for this new chapter, new projects, and a new season of turning direction. In my work, my writing and simply becoming and allowing refreshment. I look forward to NaNoWriMo 2016 in companionship of many others who do the same. In a fresh page of my note book. In a marked moment on a calender and in a sign of an era of much accomplished since this time last year. To not allow distraction but to feed on it, and then to write even through it all. Even when that distraction is an after lunch, afternoon nap in a hammock to the sound of wind through tree’s and water on shore. Like I said…often tears bleed into our pages, our work, and into NaNoWriMo.

A frend shared this from Amy Poehler of writing . I had to agree. Laugh, and even share on my own FB.



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