Travel Life. RVLife. Bruises, Bumps, And Bugs.


Bruises, Bumps, And Bugs.

Such is the way of traveling life so far.

During preparing our Mammoth for the road after it’s sleep and the getting used to a different location. The elbows and head received plenty of bump, as did the legs, knees from scrubbing, and more. Add on then moving out of our loft, climbing three stores of stairs up and down, carrying books and a grandfather clock, the bruises only added up. My legs by the end of it (which bruise easily anyway) are far from sexy in a pair of shorts, yet the Florida and Texas summer, even at end, had me not caring in the least.

Since being settled in a spot on the river, I’ve been unpacking, organizing, and continuously bumping into anything that could possibly be bumped into. I believe some bruises are simply from sitting at my hard picnic table when I write, others still even from how I lay one leg over or across another. My legs always have bruises easily…touch them and they bruise. Bags of groceries bumping into them from car to RV, bruise.

I suspect many have come from my hikes, swims, bike riding, and other adventures as well. But if it’s hot, I am still wearing shorts.

Joe got some nasty looks, that kitten, when stopping at a gas station once. That is how terrible they really do look.

It was like this around horses, and so I guess in my RV life this will be something to live with now, too. The days of dresses and skirts and shorts perhaps be gone.

As far as bumps, there is the bumping of my head. Joe and I are tall people, scooching back to sit in bed and read means a bump on the overhead cabinets. When I bend over the dashboard front area doing any number of things, even taking off my shoes, and forget to pay attention when I stand back up, my head will be bumped where the front TV is. It isn’t small, for us, in here so much as different, change to adapt to, awkward. My elbows bump less since my first days, thankfully. For awhile my arms hurt so bad and tingled so much I nearly broke down for the hospital. The bumps left by the bugs after walking through tall grasses or sitting out at night or going for a run very early are another kind of bump to help my legs look even better. Mean little red ones.

The bugs out here! Oh My! I’ve Googled more than I ever thought I could. Some I still cannot identify. But between the bugs and the birds it’s become a game. I take pictures when I can, because to look and study them later in such a way because they are still fascinating (from afar) is much easier to do than in the moment of being flown at, buzzed around, or climbed upon…as I squeal and wave my hands about. But the spiders webs in the early morning…such incredible and calm beauty from such a creature many of us find ugly. The amount of different spiders is so vast I can hardly keep up. The little electric green one so far wins for the “Oh, so you are interesting” comment and close study I gave it. I laugh because of how much Joe hates spiders….send a man to war, but don’t lock him in a room of spiders. He didn’t spend much time here before leaving out, so I wonder how well he will do when he comes back and we hike and kayak together. I’ve found the ‘shell’ of other odd bugs and played with close angles of my camera. I’ve found many others that have me Googling to identify, and wondering if they might be poisonous, stinging, or biting. I take a study of my bites after my showers to be sure all is well. This makes me wonder “When did I become quite so City?”

There are many things one plans ahead for, thinks about, looks forward to, has a knowledge about. And then there is much you simply learn by doing and failing at no less than once. I have a feeling that RV life, Road Travel, and reaching outside my well known and comfort zones of America, city or nature, have many lessons to teach me.


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