Morning Meditation


This morning I began with one. One simple thing. After being up late last night working, this morning called not yet for To Do Lists or noise or music. This morning I wake to one focus. One at a time. Soothing ease into the day. I stretched and balanced in yoga. I listened to my breath. I listened to my tea kettle whistle. I took the time to smell the coffee as I poured hot water into my French press. I rinsed my hair in the sink underneath cold cold water but felt that soothing feeling of when I was a child in summer after the pool and my grandmother would lay me on the counter, head to the sink, and wash my ultra white threads of hair of all chlorine, always finishing with that cold cold soothing water. I sipped my first sip of coffee and relished, slowly, the flavors. One step. One at a time. I am not rushing into this day just yet. First, I am one with it. #MorningMeditation #MorningCoffee #OneThought #SlowDown #Life


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