Sunday Morning Meditation.


My Sundays are a day of rest. Pure and simple. I might go sailing with friends or to a backyard gathering around a fire but regardless I don’t stress. I take it easy and I enjoy. Somewhere in there is usually a nap as well. No matter where I am. On a blanket spread across the grass of a friends backyard (Somehow with a toddler or two around me) or the bow of a sailboat, the waves lapping right at my head, the sway, the warmth of the sun. The poolside with my book in my lap or on the beach with a book tan across my chest and stomach. Everyone needs that day to just stop. Even in entertaining make it easy and relaxing. Fill the cooler, put out a spread that didn’t take hours to cook and prepare but just looks like it did and let conversation happen, sit back with a cool drink in hand, feet bare in the grass. Maybe Sunday is spent with books and tea if raining…some of the best are. Or old movie marathons. Monday comes the next day, the turn of the page, and plenty to do, cross off lists and a lot of busyness we’ve become accustomed to. The week behind me has been filled, with many coffee conversations, many words typed, so much reading and research done my eye’s just might fall out, my brain is frozen. The high heels have been worn and the miles run. Sunday…all of that gets put aside and a deep breath so that I may be ready to say hello to Monday. To do it all again. I love the Do It All Again, it feeds me in it’s own way. But there are meals not to be skipped. #MorningMeditation #MorningPondering #MorningThoughts #morningcoffee #Mondays #Sundays #BeingBusy #RelaxandRead #NourishTheSoul


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