Saturday Get-Out.


Long but great Saturday. I woke today, rode my bike…I am getting better at waking earlier and getting on the bike once in the morning as well (I also ride in the evening), yoga in the morning too. Not consistently in my mornings but getting better. Then I sat down to my coffee and at my laptop…and said naw, it’s a beautiful day and regardless of my bike rides, I need to just be outside.  Not wanting to go anywhere in particular, I grabbed my camera and set out, took one bus to an area and then set out on foot. I probably walked five miles or so. I took a coffee break at one point and read my weekend read (Getting Naked for Money-Edie Jarolim) and later before heading home I’d hit a hangry moment…as well as I had been in the sun and NOT remembered to have enough water moment. So I cooled down, drank and read and then ate a bite before heading home. At one moment I was standing near a building and adjusting my camera and felt a hand on my elbow tugging me backward. I almost flipped a bitch. But caught myself before and realized it was a nice looking lady a bit older than me (by perhaps double) she said “Chil’ you’ve got that burn skin, get over here in the shade when you’re standing around”. Lol. So apparently I was getting my fill of sunshine. I also want to wear hats like she had when I am older and can carry them off.

I’m glad I got out today. Writing AND Full-time Rving both can sometimes be super isolating. I often work from my own home and might not talk to anyone all day…except the cat. And even days I work from a coffeeshop my only words might be my drink order. I try, and usually succeed without even trying, to strike up random conversations here and there, or I even find fellow same age women RVers or other like minded to meet up with in an area traveled. I am currently training for two of American’s largest hiking trails and would like to have a women group to do each of them with (different or same group for each trail)… There are always other RVers to talk to…but at age 35 it’s nice to find someone under retirement once in awhile. Today I ended up not talking as much as I probably should have…another way to isolate yourself is enjoying the view through a camera lens. But I did manage to put it down from time to time and enjoy the most random conversations, even if short. I did at least get fresh air, sunshine, movement, and didn’t spend my Saturday nose to screen. I did have that one moment when you need to suddenly speak but you haven’t spoken in so long that the words don’t work.

Other ways I try and keep from being isolated while full-time RVing is meet up groups or RV forums for  buddy meets to museums, camera days, hiking, biking, running, get togethers. Yoga classes, outdoor fitness groups (ok, this is a good idea and I’ve seen it done, I even watched one while sipping an ice tea at a restaurant, but have yet to actually join in)  attending area college lectures, book reading, author signings, etc. Perhaps I’ll get into doing an author resort type thing eventually, or even a yoga resort would be nice. REI and other like places offer classes all over the nation you can look up in your area, currently REI also has special womens month ones in particular. I don’t always just meet up with women only groups but sometimes we girls need girl talk time. Music events, poetry events, writing clubs and events for writers, cooking classes, etc are all ways to meet people. Now…actually speaking up and saying Hello, My Name is, and I travel full time.” and beginning actual conversation is another. Really though, once you get me started it flows pretty well. I meet a lot of people at museums, art shows, and what not. Because I often contact before hand to particular galleries, museums, writers situations, colleges, I often have someone willing to meet with me for at least a coffee, a walk through a gallery or museum, or even a tour around their city. My best talk today was with a young artist about Mexican and Mexican-American and Spanish Artists all through the South, from San Antonio to Florida. A lot of great stuff in that conversation.

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