Almost Vacation Time.

IMG_5880_Fotor_FotorToday is my last pre-vacation day.

The way I work is four weeks on, two weeks off. In those two weeks, Joe is home and we travel, move (our home on wheels) and vacation pretty hard (not hard as in like liquor but sites, hikes, foods, naps, stuff like that.)
Prior to starting vacation I always do a deep clean, fresh laundry and grocery lists as well as plan out travel, ideas, To Do stuff and all that good stuff before J arrives home and before I clear my work space for the coming weeks. But I also lay out my work for the next month so that when I start I am able to sit down and review and get to work right away rather than figure it out then.

Now is when I have the momentum of the work I’ve been doing in the previous month to easily roll off if, know where I am ending and where I need to pick it back up. I don’t always have projects finished but sometimes projects to start back on after a break. The vacation really gives me a needed break and clears my head.

I end up jotting down notes and filling with fresh inspiration the entire time. I also end up stepping back and seeing where my work has gone and is headed. During my four weeks in work my head is buried pretty down into work and I am very focused, often working about 18 hour days.

And where I am also often depends on what I do during that month. So, today and tomorrow I will wrap up altogether and be ready to rest, but be set up and prepared to come back to it and jump right back in.

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