Writer On Vacation.

This is pretty much me on vacation. Being a writer never leaves you fully turned off….in a good way. Funny writer on Vacation scene.

Though I iPod language currently (French currently) , anything writers podcasts, etc. Political podcasts (Listening to Bernie at the moment even though I am not a Bernie fan) and TEDtalks as well as other along those lines while biking. Hiking I am more quiet, nature and music if any headphones at all, I always take time to listen to just nature.

Running I am music.

Music is an important part of the day. It does many things to the brain and to the spirit. Running is a good time for music for me, as well as cleaning, and cooking. I don’t write too often to music unless in a particular mood and place as well as focus. And I don’t read to music at all. But I love enjoying different types of music through out my day….typically anything from the 1920’s and jazz at dinner making and eating as well as during conversation going more mellow is always a good one. Running I need motivation and uplift and it’s a time for me to enjoy some fun music, it raises my spirits and helps me push farther.

When hiking I prefer a calm and meditative sound that put’s me into deep thought. I will write entire works in my head while hiking. At times, and even most times, I prefer no music at all and will take in the sound of nature, or the thoughts in my head.

When biking I like to learn, it keeps me from being bored, music and cycling don’t seem to totally mix for me, but the learning and listening really does.

When on “vacation” I don’t really work at all. It’s hard to do in an RV with Joe ready to go do something for the day…and really our days are usually pretty tourist jam packed, this coming trip we even have added our biking together (he found a bike!) and plan on A. Getting fit together, B. Quality time together not involving movies or tv. C. Exploring together by bike. D. Being more physically active this year while having fun (as in not through a gym or class but doing more fun entertaining activities).

I do keep up with emails (somewhat).

And I do end up jotting a notebook full of notes. I also read, catch up on my magazine and journal readings on my nook or in hard copy (I still have to read Texas Monthly hard copy, I have The Atlantic Yoga, wellness, Vegetarian, NYT news, New Yorker, Garden and Gun, and about ten other journals at a time, and about ten other magazines as well as about four newspapers running at a time (some just the Sunday and some daily) I also often have a book going on there, this vacation I will be reading a book started through Google when they began taking care of their employees health in alternative ways, I had come across the info several times but read about it in more depth in my Living Well on the Road by Linden Schaffer, the book this week on my nook I am ready to dive into is by Author Chade-Meng Tan and the book is Search Inside Yourself. I just finished the Linden Schaffer book and will be starting The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington after the Chen-Meng Tan book in those categories.

I’ll also have a novel to read (just finished In Other Words by Jhumpa Lahiri and Getting Naked for Money by Edie Jarolim and am starting A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and then Peaks on the Horizon by Charlie Carrol). Reading IS a part of being a writer. I defiantly look forward to some lazy hot afternoon time with a book in hand.

I always check out and update a bit on what is going on in the book world everyday, not just vacation but that continues. And I often spend a little time organizing on my laptop as well during vacation. So a little work still always happens.

Perhaps I’ll work/vacation with a Bloody Mary in hand.




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