The Smooth Stuff.

Trying out this newbie.


Reason: Trying something new and not happy with things I’ve been using.

What I like about it already:
* I can buy it at Target and not do the on-line thing. I am not big on shopping
on-line but also in travel it’s not the most convenient. Target is nation-wide
so pretty accessible.
* I like the recyclable packaging This has been a thing for me more and more,
trying to reduce my waste altogether, or at least use recyclable materials. I
just wish it went a step further but perhaps soon and I will write to them
about it. Any tips of shaving and being friendly to my environment please
feel free to share in the comments. And sorry, I can’t stand being unshaven
so that is not an option. *The pretty colors.

What I already do not like about Harry’s Razor:
* That it is sold and geared toward men without a women’s option or even a women’s sales pitch. At Target it was not in the women’s aisle. Women use mens razors all the time (and visa versa, I have almost always used mens and never satisfied every time I try a women’s 50% less than with any mans razor). Women make up a HUGE portion of sales, with razor sales in Gillette alone making up $14B…think about that. But households with women are also the choices of women who do the majority of the family and house hold shopping. So for many men, they aren’t the ones choosing, even if using. So #1 to boost sales, pitch to both men and women…or take the sex out of the sales pitch altogether is even better. Because there really is nothing stopping a woman from using this razor otherwise. #2. To not lose sales and to ever hope to catch up to Gillette or other companies, take the above advice.

I’ll have more after I open the box and test it out. I am not being paid by either product in this photo, or anyone else….I just like to talk shop. (I am a writer, so therefor I am also never opposed to being paid.) #harrysrazors#Razors #Shaving #Grooming #Products #menandwomen #Gillette#Target #Beauty #Style #Salesandmarketing #Marketing#Recyclablepackaging #Harrys #Writer #WriterforHire

A few #reviews for you. By #men , since this #product is #ForMen ….even though as a #woman I just #bought it for not only myself (and I have more to #shave than a #man , thus creating more #sales ) but I bought one for my #male #partner, too. Making the choice of #purchase in our #household.

Sharpologist Review
While DSC gets their razors from Dorco, Harry’s went a different route and bought a $100 million German razor blade factory called Feintechnik to control the quality of production. And last summer they raised more than $75 million in funding, so it’s easy to say they’re in for the long-haul battle of taking on Gillette’s $7.9 billion in sales. Yep, that’s billions with a “B.”

$14 Billion? The U.S. holds somewhere around 400 million, world population about 7 ad a half billion. And many of those in counties not buying razors at all.

And that doesn’t count the non-Gillette razor count!

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