Rainy vacation days are never ruined vacation days.

We have been on docks and boats in four states, too many cities and towns to name, in two weeks. We’ve explored really nice area’s. Gone back to others for more. And NOLA keeps calling us back. We hit the beach typically twice a day. The first and last hours of the day with the pup to play outside on the white sands as much as we can in the southern heat.
We’ve enjoyed shade covered towns that help beat the heat even in the middle of the afternoon. Ocean Springs, MS and Fairhope, AL being my favorites for this. I don’t think there are but a spot or two where the sun peeks through and yet you are not deprived of it, either. We have eaten many foods in many places and enjoyed it all…including the taco’s last night that I was craving and Joe found the best of in the most un-expected places. Dave Matthews concerts with the quote “I shouldn’t have to worry about my children being shot when they go to school” in the deep red state of Alabama, cooking skewers of shrimp we got straight off the boat on the grill in a summer evening that was nice and cool. Coffeeshops and bookstores. Hiding the afternoon away in a movie theater. Fishing and oceans and bay’s and birds and buildings of architecture that make my heart sing. Music and art and small quaint towns that make me enjoy in passing but never want to live and others that make me fall in love and look up the local markets. Today our plans got a bit rained out so we chose to do a book day. We have pastries from a local place we passed by yesterday driving back through a town we’d been to before, we have a clean pup who got to cuddle on the bed, the house was cleaned yesterday so no chores today, a day of coffee and pajama’s all day, raining outside, pup snuggled with Joe on the couch in pure happiness of being near his favorite and the cat curled up on my lap giving off heat in our very cold home. The music is soft and of times we never got to live, the 1920’s France right now, and the rain is comforting, the coffee and pets warming, our home enjoyed, and rest welcome, near each other in quiet no needing to talk and yet every so often discussion pops up, we smile, and we return to our books. Two weeks past. One more week of vacation left. And today, not a hurry in the world, not a worry, not a need, not a thing but good.