Morning Meditation


It’s that first sip of coffee in the morning. It’s the lovely loft I live in….it’s nothing fancy but it has a great view, is comfortable, super well lit and like a tree house for me. I am inspired and happy and it is truly home. Even the colors simple as they may be in here give me warmth and inspiration. The storms are amazing when they surround me. It’s a walk hand in hand during sunset on the beach. It’s browsing through antique shops and bookstores on a weekend afternoon. It’s a good meal that I was able to make myself. It’s the simple things. #MorningMeditation #MorningCoffee #inspiration #Simplethings #Life

An oldie hidden in the drafts.

Better Me. Balance in the scales.


#BetterMe As I have said that one should not bury themselves against the negativism of the world, there is also a balance in a person’s life to make. There are people, individuals, who create turmoil to thrive. Those who can “never get it together” no matter how much help in the world they have had. Those who gossip behind your back but are friends and even family to your face. There are those people who leave you feeling purely drained of all energy. All the time. Those who take take take but not give and if they give it comes with strings or mean words or some type of hurt to follow.

In the balance of life there is not burying your head in the sand to what goes on around you. But there is also the other side of the scale, by not welcoming negativity into your door. If you feel totally drained of relationships all the time…move on. Love, friend, or even family relationships. Work relationships. Sometimes you can adjust these with a good honest talk. Or spending less and less time responding. Everytime the conversation veers negative, veer it to the positive.

Now, sometimes a friend is in a bad time of their lives and that can be emotionally draining…don’t cut that off though….be a good friend. Know the difference between negative drains and just bad times that can be draining for a moment. There should always be some positive in any relationship. And some feeding to the soul.

A coffee with a friend should often leave you feeing refreshed rather than emptied of all energy. There are moments for all things but if everytime that coffee leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth or wishing you hadn’t….maybe you should take some time to evaluate that friendship.