Vacay preparation.



The last of my research away from home days before vacation begins. Meaning, really, no more time for the library in the next few days.

The shift begins.

Though I have a few spot locations to go to and more actual research to do…the library is done for for a few weeks. I likely won’t enter another for two weeks and two days time.

I kinda do need that break…never thought I’d hear myself say that.

The fun part is that much of my vacation wraps into Stuff To Do For My Work in multiple ways. So travel and work get combined, vacation and work intertwine. Pretty much always for me.

After this two week Vacations, though, we will actually be off to new and next adventures. I won’t be researching anything for work for a good minute. Actually…I do take that back. Because work for me is not only ever a book in progress but also articles from whatever to whatever and also travel and food and music and art and politics…a lot of politics. And a lot of whatever. So, I do take that back. But the bulk..the bulk of research for the big projects is coming to a close with a few months of none of that left to do. For me…a huge chunk of time to other things (perhaps actual writing, which I also still do now for no less than three hours a day on this one project alone but…still..huge chunks of time spent doing Other). Because of the slow down of the holidays, however, the after-vac month of work until the next vacay begins is still to be research.

I know….it sounds so terrible and all. That my research is being buried in books, archives, newspapers, walking streets and cities and towns and neighborhoods with a camera and a notebook in hand, museums and talking to locals and historians. Among so much more. Terrible…it is not. I know. I know. But mind boggling and at times incredibly emotional it is. I am not complaining. Hear the pure tease of my tone.  I mean…lord knows how much I hate books and old photos and architecture and the like.

I tease, really. I love it all. And still I look forward to an actual break and vacation of two weeks. Time where I may read a LOT but actually research less. Time where I will still take photos and explore but without the pressure and with companionship of Joe who will be home and who is actually really fun to do these things with…though I need my time alone for it even more, the change, balance, difference and company are still an enlightenment for a couple of weeks.  At least I talk to my pets less…or rather not…but to a human a little more. And not just strangers and librarians and archivists.

I am excited for this trip. I have been missing the guy whom I actually do share my life with. Though we have text and email and phone calls, it isn’t the same. As much as I will likely utterly complain that he does everything wrong, I will bask in the warmth that he is. As much as I am ready for him to leave I am always just as ready or more for him to come home. And he makes my coffee first thing when he wakes up.

We’ve been talking a lot about this trip and our next coming up and have a lot of plans and things to do.

However, it is about time to put away books and about a truck load of notes. Fold away my laptop. And do a little laundry and deep cleaning to get it all out of the way for vacation time. I will have planned To Do lists, details, plans, and grocery lists, too…all of which I will lose or forget to use altogether or look at and wonder what the hell I meant by that.

Joe does have a Honey Do. A leak to fix. Light bulbs to replace. Taped to the fridge which he will completely ignore. Aquarius. They like to do things. But never actually tell them to do it. Except if you live with me. You pretty much do as I say.

Do I have any chick shows I wanted to watch before he gets home? Do I have plans or reservations I have forgotten to make yet? Do I have enough books on my bedside and the couch side that don’t have to do with work related reading?

Have I still forgotten to break out the Christmas present I bought us for some of our adventures? And where the heck DID I hide them? Do I have clear camera cards and have I backed up the computer and what is it that I feel as if I am forgetting to do?

This is my brain right now.

Ahhhh, vacation…the before moments. You’d think it would be different when you don’t have that suitcase packing to do which you have completely until last minute put off doing. It is not.


Monday Keeps Repeating.

Yesterday was a busy day but also kinda like a Monday…It seems like we’ve had a lot of those. Restart..stop…start…stop. Get going…wait wait…hold up.

The Grinch stole like a week and a half or two easy.

I didn’t go home this holiday. I didn’t see too many personal friends. I didn’t even have Joe home. I had a month of working and being alone (not in a bad way) so I was thinking I would get SO much accomplished.


There would be days not planned out perfectly…ok, that’s on me. But some days buses I needed didn’t run at all where I needed them. And anyone who knows me knows I prefer public transport, biking, or walking. And I had Joe take the jeep to work rather than keeping it thinking I wouldn’t need it. LOL on me.

So that sorta set me back.

Second was the rain. A LOT of heavy drench your ass like a drowned rat real quick rain. The kind that didn’t matter if you had an umbrella, a raincoat, rain boots, and transportation to where you were going…you were going to get wet the second you opened a door.

Those days already make you want to stay in the house and warm up with socks and coffee for your work with the music of the rain warming your very soul. But also…there wasn’t a chance of getting around without being drenched. So…it actually set me back a little…only in some ways…since I DO have the great wide web at my fingertips, and a truck load worth of books to read through, not to mention so many essays ready to read, and my Nook, I was set. But in some terms…I was also still set back in doing some of what I needed to do in a location of limited time.

The third set back would be that, along with limited public transportation where I needed to go and when I needed to go there due to the holidays (and Sundays), e’rything else was also closed. Like Libraries, archives for city and history and black history locations I needed to go. And Museums where I was also doing research. So even had I been able to get there…that door would literally have been closed in my face. So…I am still not mad at my choices of public transportation by any means.

For photo’s I wanted to take, when it wasn’t raining, I was able to switch gears for a day or so pretty easily on that. Though for some locations I need I am super crazy behind. Thankfully Joe is on board to help me catch up after he comes home this week.

So then…ok, we make it through holidays and closings due to people being with their families. I can totally live with that. But there is also the government shutdown. This affects some of my research and archive locations among other. And if the Dems back down I will beat some ass because we already know we are only up against the man best known for backing his weak ass down. I mean, there is North Korea, Russia. Saudi Arabia. China. I think we can take him. I feel for those affected and I hope that due to this the Democrats will pick up some loose ends learned by it and create some change for that situation…it is something to put on the list. This shows some things that need change and help. but Trump is going into re-election. He won’t be able to keep the government shut down. The wall isn’t happening. No. And if we give in every financial period and every $5 billion dollars achieved is Trump getting his wall and every time he gets a little he is going to take more of it. Don’t. Give. It.

How about we clean up some Flint water…and by saying that I call out my Democrats to make that happen this year. If we end 2019 without that….I vote everyone out of office.

So…yeah…my only harm of the shut down being slowing down my research is definitely my privilege talking.

And every day keeps feeling like another Monday.

In so may ways.

There are a few other things which slowed me down…or seemed to speed time up…or both.

Yesterday was just. One. Of. Those. Days.

I made it out of my research to see the sunlight again. My eye’s swimming, words smearing, my head exploding. I breathed in the fresh air…raining, grey, but fresh.

I had plans for the rest of the day to hit some on foot research but I was suddenly not in the game. I sought out coffee but stumbled on fresh pressed juices instead. (So I made ONE right move for New Years healthy starts) and afterward I was still not feeling it so I wandered a moment trying to decide on going home. I didn’t want that. But I was in that total I didn’t know what I wanted mood.

I wandered into an antique shop and searched through file cabinets of old documents from closed up offices. Yes…this was my version of NOT researching. I bought a copy of a Maya Angelou book I’d have a copy of ages ago and didn’t now.

I pulled my camera out of it’s bag when the rain stopped turning my glasses into an even more blurred vision of the world and took photos in a garden. My spirits lifted a bit from my slightly grumbly mood…

I stopped to eat some food, realizing that at 4:pm that hadn’t happened at all and aside from a stomach of coffee and juices I was starving. Here I destroyed my smart new year start and eating habits. Lets just say on a rainy day fish and chips sounded way too right.

I  read my copy of another Jezmyn Ward book, of essays collected by many authors. I’ve kept this one in my camera bag a minute reading while waiting for buses and eating when out and about. And no, to the sir who asked, I don’t read while I eat alone to help my awkwardness of eating alone. I read when I am eating alone because I actually want to eat and read alone, thankyouverymuch.

I was triumphant when glancing at the news on my phone and the bartender recognized my uplift in mood…You look super happy” He said…”I am” I beamed. “Women just took a huge chunk of the world over today.” I sat amongst men in suits, one slightly miffed at my earlier rebuff. I bet someone thought “Fucking feminazi”.

Cup your balls, boys. We gonna be grabbing you by them and we women only have that gentle touch when we choose. I don’t think we will choose that coming up. You didn’t vote Hillary for her ball cracking…but instead you got over 100 women ready to do the job. And that is only counting Congress. There are many…many…many state seats and court seats filled as well. Many. Be careful, a women vengeance is fierce. A woman scorned is a force to be reckoned with. Many of us have felt scorned these past two years.

After my food and my delightful bartender, waitress, and chef, I moved on to deciding that my mood was lifting but that it still ultimate boost against all nature (and I do mean nature as she had a hand heavily in my mood). I chose to catch a viewing of Mary Poppins. And that did the trick. I mean the kid at the ticket counter’s genuine smile didn’t hurt. Nor his lack of judgement this early on in the new year to my pack of rolos and popcorn.

I walked out of the theater with a much lighter mood but deciding that I was totally destroying this day of health and feeding all of my “I feel the need to baby myself today” mood I stepped into a wood polished pub and ordered up a coffee and a warm rum bread pudding. I mean, if you are gonna have that day, girl, have that day.

After uberring home in the downpour that began I stayed up too late reading again but with the storm my pets cuddled hard next to me and we were all warm and dry and cozy. Going to sleep late or not, I woke up significantly in a less of a Monday Mood.