Vet and Taxes. Because. Monday.


Yesterday was Monday and Monday meant tedious as shit errands and stuff and things.

Like…the vet.

George needed his one year updated vaccinations. While traveling we don’t always get the chance to use our same vet, who we love, and is in San Antonio. But for some update vaccs we felt ok to have them updated elsewhere after some research into the location.

So…we went.

Our poor bubba. He was taken to the “back room” for a fecal exam and brought back as a no go they reported he was “not having it”…the rest of the day I did George voices to Joe “Don’t even go in there, dad”, “They tried touching my no no spot, dad”, “Those ladies are into some weird shit, dad”.

The vet and tech and experience was not BAD…but it was also not GOOD. Where our amazing vet in SA always takes the time to “talk to George” who literally has conversations with her which is funny because he is a super quiet dog otherwise.  These kept trying to sell us their own form of flea and heart worm meds (he is on all of his meds regularly) and I felt it was a very long sales pitch the entire time. I didn’t even get a chance to ask some questions that I had. They kept trying to push the heartworm shot (over monthly med), I pushed back on that. Tech says “I like it because I forget to give my dog things like that” I deadpanned “I don’t”. They kept not understanding that I still wanted him heart worm tested even though he is on heart worm prevention meds monthly. Like, dude, we’s in the south. Just test him. (I always test 6 months to a year regardless as well as any time before a vaccination or surgery.) They were super overly apprehensive with him and he is very sweet, though he was hyper (we had even run him out and taken him prior to petco to try and tire him out but he was a hit hyper still) but while weighing they literally had a dog lunging at him two feet away and “waiting” rather than taking him (the tech was handling it) around the corner and getting Georges weight who wanted to pay more attention to the boxer that was lunging at him close enough to touch noses the entire time. SHE got frustrated that they couldn’t get his weight then. I kept saying “Please remove that dog” and then got him to be still just fine finally but had to totally butt in to do so.

Then the vet seemed super apprehensive with him and two of them like totally clobered him to restrain while he got his shots which made him upset. Again, not aggressive upset, but wiggly and panting and drooling upset. He was simply confused because they kept moving all around him and grabbing at him on the floor the entire time. I mean..they didn’t even try and be nice about it…they just grabbed him and took him down. For the bordetella nasally done she got upset that he got upset (not aggressive at all) when she clamped his mouth shut and held him really tight. Of course he wiggled. (Another issue I had is that they went for nasal B rather than injecting b after asking them to do injecting). And yet they were big on me not helping, which is fine, but our vet techs in SA also do restrain him while he doesn’t FEEL restrained. Honestly though the vet and techs there in SA work super well together, here, not so much. At the end the vet told us a story about a neighbor chow chow she once took care of and (unwarranted) she obviously just had a fear of chows. Even in his most agitated state he wiggled but he never got mean at all or scary in any way. They made what could have taken seconds last several minutes and just made everything stressful for everybody. At the same time…they still weren’t TERRIBLE. I just wasn’t really happy. Also, I had taken plenty of treats for George to get his attention in a distracted situation. They kept pulling out a tub of peanut butter with a used by other dogs tongue depressor to give to him and I kept telling them he hated PB then they would not listen and kept trying. On this dirty by other dogs nasty used double dipped tongue depressor tub of PB. Then she just stuck the PB on his nose and when he licked it off she was like “see? He does like it!” Umm, no lady, he was getting the shit off his nose and still not interested in licking the PB off that stick”.

After that, there was a small cozy outdoor supply store next door so we walked over and George lay on a rug while I sat on a chair in the shoe section and the lady there came right over and sat Indian style on the floor and belly rubbed him and he got lots of love and attention. So he ended on a really good note. I calmed my own nerves.

As we walked out, Joe and I began discussing a bit about the vets issue with Chow’s being a large problem in it all. He says “I kinda hope the next ten dogs she gets are Chows. Though I kinda feel sorry for the dog, too at the same time of course so I guess not” Just then…we see this super fluffy HUGE lion head chow chow show prancing his big ass head from car to clinic and I said “Well, if any chow chow is going to give some attitude deserved, that diva will be it and there is your wished for train of chow chows for the vet today happening.”

And then the rest of the day I continued doing George voices about the “back room” and the Not happening fecal test to Joe. “Was that a vet or a church, dad?” “Dad, you do NOT wanna go back there. Let. Me. Tell. You.”

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