Midnight Cravings. What makes a man sexy.

So. Joe and I NEVER want kids. But that doesn’t stop my hon from getting up after midnight and going to the store in his pj’s to solve any and all cravings I suddenly have.

First of all because he likes bad foods and a lot of it and any excuse to eat any especially after midnight he will jump to for without much of a push. Especially because I have a really healthy home most of the time.

Second, me on my period on top of a day I have had no caffeine on top of a day that our usually quiet and sleeping pets decided to both be total assholes during an attempted nap and I was grouchy all to hell all day was just not a day to mess with ….my attitude on a good day isn’t nice. War tours survived and that man don’t mess around. 

I laughed and said “You are going dressed like that?” and he says that “he will meet the eyes of any man and say “The woman’s on her period” and that any other man will nod and his eyes will show sympathy and he will say…here brother, step ahead of me in line.”

So…long story short. I got chips last night. I think the last time I ate chips was once last summer at a BBQ. I didn’t beg or even ask for them. I just simply sighed deeply and said “man, chips would be so good right now”. I could have easily gone and gotten them myself. I am pretty sure he is feeding his very own fat boy over my cravings and simply uses the excuse to his benefit. It isn’t the first time he has run out in the middle of the night at a slight suggestion from me. But, whatever, I got my chips.

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