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So down below are two separate updates since starting this blog…or something like that. I truly can’t usually stand to read over my own writing. But ti’s there..and it’s all a bit of me in that time and phase of life within the past five years. So I leave it…perhaps you can see the evolvements…or the digressions.


Regardless, enjoy along the way.

I have a few blogs as of…ummm, now or when I get them finally going which is about six months behind schedule.

I will keep a Kind Of Single Lady because it’s the ME blog…and my tumblings in life at random.

But politics have always been a part of me and in the recent elections they are louder than ever and taking up more space than usual and so I tend to voice my two-cents…because I feel it should be heard…or rather that I’ll explode if not. No of course online rambling about politics is not where I stop….but you can keep up with a lot of the actions behind the words along the way too if you choose to follow. So keep an eye out. I’ll update with the link here soon.


I also have fun with food. Talking about food, pictures of food, making food, plating food, shopping for food, tasting food, and eating food…not to mention sharing. So I started a blog to share in the virtual sense at PegsKitchen and foodprovovking.wordpress.com coming soon.

I told you I like subjects, and photography along my travels is one of them…plus nature cause it’s cool…so you can keep an eye out on all that coming soon too.

And then there is my American Road Trip Travels by RV….see ya over here.

And of course because I’m a writer, I should actually do some real writing….keep an eye out over here soon.

——Five years ago….But still today———

There are five hundred things that I want to do when I grow up. And only 365 days in a year or twenty four hours in a day and I am already thirty three years old. But I am superwoman and I make things happen. THAT is my talent.
I won’t get to all of them. I will accomplish many and I will keep adding more to the list.
I don’t do just one thing, painting myself into any corners or closing any doors or burning any bridges, although at times it is not I who plays with fire. I don’t pigeon hole myself into one skill because I wish to do much and a bit of it all. Writing, creating stage and visual performances and art. Film’s, documentaries, and more because I can pull it all together like the puppeteer or the conductor of an orchestra. In fact, I dream of that as well. I manage to pull together those individuals with those single talents and direct the marching band that creates the whole.
I put image to words and ideas into the world. I write the words that tell the stories in my own head and somehow touch you exactly…exactly where they need to for you in the here and now so much so that you wonder for a moment when I was inside your head. I connect your heart to my words through my woven image in whatever shape I form. And in that, I hope that your heart sings.

I am a busy kind of single woman. I do a lot and in the process what I do is hard to explain…but eventually I can show.
The meaning of a ” Kind Of Single Lady” is that I am single, but only sometimes, and in my thirty three years of journey, been in and out of relationships and even two marriages. Only ice cream ” gets me” or “completes me” so it seems.
But I have not given up on relationship and love either. I am cynical and logical and smart and yet….I can feel the broom of a good sweeping off of my feet as I’ve not yet let go that romance and love exists. In fact I know that it exists well, it just hasn’t existed long and well with just one for me thus far. I can’t say no or never. If I did today, I’d be in a marriage tomorrow. Such is my life.

I am not too independent or strong or proud of a woman to not at times admit the desire of a mans arms around me. Or a large strong hand holding mine or a sweet and sweaty love making or…just “that person” nearby over coffee in the mornings sweet silence.

At the same time , I am also the person to have written Being an Artists Lover,

“When you are in the shadows of my art. But never the feature.”
PJD 2015 Being An Artists Lover.


“It’s not that I don’t wish to go to sleep next to somebody , it’s that I don’t want to wake up next to them.
The obligations. The…need of attention.
I just don’t have it in me.
I woke, in my white, light filled new flat , the sound of rain fall ad the breeze through an open window brushing my cheek, alone.
I smiled in the quiet gentleness of it all.
I stretched, not obstructed by another.
I lay there, enjoying no hands, no voice to interrupt, bother, impend or answer to…
No one who wants to sleep with the blinds closed, the windows down and the a/c running. To not be there to fulfill someones basic need of touch . To not be there for another.
I am not empty, not lonely.
My quiet. My space.My time. My mind.
I am happy with it. I embrace her like a dear friend. This, I want.”
PJD 2015 Morning By Myself.

I am aware how feminist I sound at times and a romance believer at others. I do believe that we can empower women and have it all. I want to rule the world but be loved as well, a man who wants to take care of me even if I don’t need him to take care of me. Women who run companies and work daily understand. They want to make the pay-check and still nurture their children. Why can’t we have it all? As long as we don’t lose ourselves in all of it. But remember the “Kind-of” part of the title, because when I am with someone I am still me and when I am not, I am not lonely. I am a Kind of Single Lady because , even when I am with someone, I am independent and of my own self. I do not lose my own loves and passions and wants and desires for someone else. I am only fulfilled selfishly by what I give. That love is my love then and there but should that love ever disappear , I would still be standing there. Being me. Not lost because I lost him. Being A Kind Of Single Lady has nothing to do with being single at all. It has to do with being me in whole at all times.

Besides…it is a pretty tough life being a “A Kind Of Single Ladies” man. I don’t wish it on anyone….nearly.

And sometimes,it is truly and simply just all about me.

I don’t paint myself into corners because as soon as I do the doorbell on the other side of the room rings.I don’t say never because if I did I’d be married tomorrow.Life happens,relationships, love failed dreams, new dreams…and sometimes jail.Such is my life.

DSC_0140 copy

The ending of 2015.

Nothing to do with being single.

Everything to do with writing.

I am a Writer who lives on Galveston Island.

People ask what do you do?” And I respond “I am a writer” they then ask what is your real job? Though I am in search of a job that will build my inner spirit, not step on my writing and will be something that will be a success in my life. I am a writer. It is my job. Even if I carry another. I have interests in the art field of various types, writing, education, environmental or economically good companies. And let’s throw in fashion. Looking in the Galveston/Houston area and willing to consider any location. Also any freelance work.

The second question a writer gets is what do you write?

I don’t like just one topic…my brain doesn’t work that way and I would end up very bored very quickly. You may browse this blog to see a number of topics but what I work on is creating visual art of different kinds. Novel’s and books of various genre’s. Articles of anything from insurance to economy to lifestyle and relationship. Here you will currently find the main topics, though not hindered to:

Art talk of various mediums.

Event’s on Galveston Island and sometimes Houston.

Reviews of books, music, theatre.

Hobby photography and film.

Relationship topics.

Personal in the life of a writer.

My journey in NaNoWriMo.

A series called WriteShaped about Why I Write.

Job Hunt Series.

Island Living

Sometimes Adulting.

Humor, sadness, poetry and more.

All of this will be changing or being much added to in the new year of 2016 so keep an eye out for updates here.

I hope that you enjoy.



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  1. I think I just found my new favorite blog! I’ve been reading your posts and I SWEAR that I am actually seeing myself in the majority of them. Oh, and thank you for following my blog.

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