Maybe vacation begins tomorrow.


Vacation. Day one….try and sleep in. Alarm off.

Wakes up earlier with no alarm than any day needed and with an alarm. Also with way more energy than all of the days with a schedule.

Starts making a grocery list…

…which ends up being a lot of enjoyable searching through Pinterest….I am now starving and left food back about an hour ago. I am on places to camp by now. I know all of the seasons best shoe styles. I have added more books to my list. And I want to buy a house just so that I can decorate a kitchen like I’ve seen.

Had deep cleaned yesterday in preparation…

Decided now to deep clean again. Also two inches too short for a good ceiling fan cleaning. I am now annoyed and staring at the fan in disdain until J gets here and then handing him a rag and cleaner as soon as he walks in the door.

Seriously…it’s taunting me.

Suddenly have much to write and on my mind so why not take my cup of coffee over to my desk? A little writing isn’t really work. I am not breaking vacation code. *five hours and five more cups of coffee later….* J walks in, asks if I am working…I hand him rag and spray bottle and point to fan and keep on working.

…Of course once the fan is clean the floor has to be redone…

Guess vacation will start tomorrow.