Morning Meditation


It’s that first sip of coffee in the morning. It’s the lovely loft I live in….it’s nothing fancy but it has a great view, is comfortable, super well lit and like a tree house for me. I am inspired and happy and it is truly home. Even the colors simple as they may be in here give me warmth and inspiration. The storms are amazing when they surround me. It’s a walk hand in hand during sunset on the beach. It’s browsing through antique shops and bookstores on a weekend afternoon. It’s a good meal that I was able to make myself. It’s the simple things. #MorningMeditation #MorningCoffee #inspiration #Simplethings #Life

An oldie hidden in the drafts.

Better Me. Balance in the scales.


#BetterMe As I have said that one should not bury themselves against the negativism of the world, there is also a balance in a person’s life to make. There are people, individuals, who create turmoil to thrive. Those who can “never get it together” no matter how much help in the world they have had. Those who gossip behind your back but are friends and even family to your face. There are those people who leave you feeling purely drained of all energy. All the time. Those who take take take but not give and if they give it comes with strings or mean words or some type of hurt to follow.

In the balance of life there is not burying your head in the sand to what goes on around you. But there is also the other side of the scale, by not welcoming negativity into your door. If you feel totally drained of relationships all the time…move on. Love, friend, or even family relationships. Work relationships. Sometimes you can adjust these with a good honest talk. Or spending less and less time responding. Everytime the conversation veers negative, veer it to the positive.

Now, sometimes a friend is in a bad time of their lives and that can be emotionally draining…don’t cut that off though….be a good friend. Know the difference between negative drains and just bad times that can be draining for a moment. There should always be some positive in any relationship. And some feeding to the soul.

A coffee with a friend should often leave you feeing refreshed rather than emptied of all energy. There are moments for all things but if everytime that coffee leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth or wishing you hadn’t….maybe you should take some time to evaluate that friendship.

Transition. Living Two Lives.


Vacation ended today but this is always a transition day. The day when the house (#RV) suddenly becomes all too quiet. When I’ve watched Joe leave back to work for a month and even the pets look sad, when I clean, put things away not needed for another months time, and pull my books and work back out for my own month of work. I will then settle with a tea (and a puppy) and unwind…transition, read, and work on and read over and note in my schedule (basically a non-fancy BulletJournal) for the coming month and so on. The night will come and the bed suddenly empty of his presence. I love my time with him…and also alone to myself. Too much of either is never a good thing. Balance for this Libra.

But it doesn’t make him leaving any less sad and sudden, as if something great is missing, when at the same time I am beginning to crave my own time, alone, and my own rituals and schedules, but especially my work, and when this month is over, as much as I love all of my own time, my alone, my own rituals, and especially my work but I will be ready to lay it aside for rest…to step back away from my writing, to take a breath from it and clear my head but to also emerge out of the solitude I often put myself into when in work…even outside of the home. I will move from walking among people and people watching to engaging and finding my voice with others.

I move from one to the other, shift my balance and know that each, for me, is important, even when I miss the other while in one of these worlds and then that world while in the other. I suppose to some point this shows my love and my passion for what I do in life, while also for the person I most choose to spend it with, but as much as I love each, too much with no rest from either would be too much for me as well….allowing myself the chance to miss the one or the other, and to crave and look forward to allows me to appreciate it all rather than become bitter in it all.

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Morning Meditation


I was doing a piece on color and the brain and thought back to what colors have meant to me in my life journey.

My absolute favorite color has always been green. I loved the color of new life and spring. When the brown and bare woods suddenly flourished and the fields of grass waves from a dull winter brown to a vibrant alive green.

After my divorce I suddenly was attracted and pulled to the color orange so strongly it would take my breath away. I had previously not only wasn’t fond of orange but had even hated the color other than when in a sunset. I began finding my eye seeking the color out however, or coming across it as if by accident. Suddenly it was everywhere and I wanted to be where it was.

The day that I went to see a loft for rent which had an orange front door, however, I chose to look into why a color I had once disliked was now something I couldn’t get enough of. It turns out that the color orange…not green…is the color of new beginnings. A new start, more than green, of new life not that of birth. Fitting.

Ever since then I listen to what color has started pulling me toward it since.

Morning Meditation.


I was talking to my sister yesterday about hair and makeup and how much our faces and styles have changed in our 30+ years, even the texture of our hair. We both enjoyed sharing old photos and comparing and searching for makeup and hair style ideas.

But the thing is…I can’t compare to a model or an actress for what kind of hair style I want and I certainly can’t compare to my younger self. I am not her. And I don’t wish to be. She was a young woman who has walked a pretty fascinating road and never would I take back a single of those steps, but I do believe in forward steps.

My hair may no longer be baby fine or golden but I have earned every gray hair and the darker suits me better….I’ve walked through many shadows since the days of nearly white halo like hair. The fine lines that may appear, the harder shape of my face….the older look is not age so much as world lived wisdom. Experience.
The width of my hips is womanhood that I carry proudly. My feet rarely wear heels because they’ve walked a million miles by now. My hands aren’t as soft because they know good work. My eye’s aren’t as naive because they’ve learned many lessons…the hard way.

The very few stretch marks I have remind me not that I can no longer have a child, nor of my loss, but of my experience at how strong a mothers love comes roaring like a lion in a very instant moment. The circles under my eye’s aren’t to be covered up because they are a sign of my tiredness, my tears and my heartache….but heartbreak is a sign that I have loved. I cherish that.

My nails are kept short because I have spent many days brushing the coats glossy of a horse and today I spend them typing not only stories…but memories and life and future. The callous on my feet are signs of a barefoot life and this is good for I have felt the softest of carpets underneath my feet, the hardness of stones upon mountains, the waters of rivers, the sands of many beaches and of every ocean coast, the tickling grass of summer and a closeness of Mother Earth herself.

My ears ring in constant and I have a loss of hearing in my age but I have listened to many musics of many tongue and creative mind. My eye’s are weak and without my glasses my fingers must creep and see for me but I have rested them upon years of fireworks in the night sky, stars in the blackest of country sky, sunsets from mountain tops and ocean side and have many memory of them in my mind.

I enjoy looking into the face of the young girl I once was, but never do I regret the one that looks back at me from a mirror every day now.

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Sunday Morning Meditation.


My Sundays are a day of rest. Pure and simple. I might go sailing with friends or to a backyard gathering around a fire but regardless I don’t stress. I take it easy and I enjoy. Somewhere in there is usually a nap as well. No matter where I am. On a blanket spread across the grass of a friends backyard (Somehow with a toddler or two around me) or the bow of a sailboat, the waves lapping right at my head, the sway, the warmth of the sun. The poolside with my book in my lap or on the beach with a book tan across my chest and stomach. Everyone needs that day to just stop. Even in entertaining make it easy and relaxing. Fill the cooler, put out a spread that didn’t take hours to cook and prepare but just looks like it did and let conversation happen, sit back with a cool drink in hand, feet bare in the grass. Maybe Sunday is spent with books and tea if raining…some of the best are. Or old movie marathons. Monday comes the next day, the turn of the page, and plenty to do, cross off lists and a lot of busyness we’ve become accustomed to. The week behind me has been filled, with many coffee conversations, many words typed, so much reading and research done my eye’s just might fall out, my brain is frozen. The high heels have been worn and the miles run. Sunday…all of that gets put aside and a deep breath so that I may be ready to say hello to Monday. To do it all again. I love the Do It All Again, it feeds me in it’s own way. But there are meals not to be skipped. #MorningMeditation #MorningPondering #MorningThoughts #morningcoffee #Mondays #Sundays #BeingBusy #RelaxandRead #NourishTheSoul

Morning Meditation


This morning I began with one. One simple thing. After being up late last night working, this morning called not yet for To Do Lists or noise or music. This morning I wake to one focus. One at a time. Soothing ease into the day. I stretched and balanced in yoga. I listened to my breath. I listened to my tea kettle whistle. I took the time to smell the coffee as I poured hot water into my French press. I rinsed my hair in the sink underneath cold cold water but felt that soothing feeling of when I was a child in summer after the pool and my grandmother would lay me on the counter, head to the sink, and wash my ultra white threads of hair of all chlorine, always finishing with that cold cold soothing water. I sipped my first sip of coffee and relished, slowly, the flavors. One step. One at a time. I am not rushing into this day just yet. First, I am one with it. #MorningMeditation #MorningCoffee #OneThought #SlowDown #Life

Better Me. Rest.


#BetterMe Nourishing yourself also means rest. In the busy life we run anymore it’s often “shameful” to admit taking a nap…or you feel guilt. But once in awhile you have to stop. Enjoy a book in the garden in the sunshine, or a walk for no destination. Go get a massage and spend time in the spa relaxing.

Just for a day stop…don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t do anything. Even if five more minutes of dishes pile up in the sink for the next day or ok take the five minutes but the rest of the day is to enjoy, relax…whatever relaxing is to you. Finish that book you haven’t gotten around to. No errands. No chores. No To Do list, and nobody else. If kids are involved make it happen, with a partner, a family member, a friend, a sitter..whatever it takes.

Relax on a Sunday or a Tuesday…whatever day works best for you. But somewhere in there a person has to relax, enjoy and rest…rest is the key word. For the body mind and soul to be able to do as it needs. We can’t do it all. And we don’t have to. And really…..that “all” will often be there tomorrow and take us only an extra few minutes.

If you are serous about nourishing yourself and taking care of your health you will carve out a few minutes of rest or a day of rest often or even a few days of rest here and there. It’s not a luxury. It’s a necessity. It’s why the new generation seeks so hard to work in what they love…to find that bit of extra time their lives are missing. To nourish. Rest. #Life #Living #Rest

Morning Meditation.


#MorningMeditation I’ve been working at #mapping out the #AmericanStyle #RV #Travel #plan and lordy…there is so much to do! It is really hard to not try and do it all but there is also only so much time in the word! Now, we aren’t on a time restraint and we have all the time in the world, but we also have future plans of other types of #Traveling as well and have a sort of loose time schedule set on the #RoadTravel of #NorthAmerica part of our #Travels and then it’s on to the next great thing! But in the meantime I am following & gathering ideas from travel-instagrams, #blogs , #Magazines like #Garden&Gun for a lot of travel in the #South and so much more. There are friends and family along the way, hunts for particular treasures (J’s #Cabin #property, an amazing #industrial #loft to #restore and make a #home for us, #Bookstores , of course the best #Food stops and places we have always wanted to see. Any idea’s? Feel free to post your suggestions for me to add to my #Map !